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31 years old, have slight DDD

caseytccaseyt Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:02 AM in Degenerative Disc Disease
most days I can manage but today was tuff. I could hardly walk, let alone work. I took some anti-inflammatories and pain killers and they helped a little. but, i cannot continue like this. i want to fix this.
my doctor was no help. any suggestions? i would like to find someone to help strengthen and get back to par. i will travel to heal.


  • I am a year older then you and can completely sympathise. I have severe DDD with my S1, L4 and L5 just about completely degenerated.

    I am on Trammol and acoxia a pain killer and Arthritis medication. My suggestion is go to a good specialist, either a neuro surgeon or pain specialist. get a proper MRI or xray if you don't already have it. They will probably do a pain block and if that doesn't take a rhizotomy. Apparently our age makes us poor candidates for surgery as the success rate for fusion is not great and all that happens is the next one goes and then the next. So try to avoid that at all costs. My pain specialist said I would be a candidate for surgery when I couldn't walk anymore or my bladder and bowels blocked up completely.

    Till you get your appointment, heat, as much rest as possible and get some omega oils, glucosamine and calcium as much as you can stomach. I also find a good night sleep definitely makes a difference

    In the meantime hang in there and stay positive, I honestly believe we are not meant to live the rest of our lives in this amount of pain... I had pain blocks 5 weeks ago which helped for a day and next friday I go for a Rhizotomy. Hold thumbs for me.

    Blessings and good health
  • Hello i also have DDD and im 31. iv had it since i was 18.
    i had surgery when i was 24 as could not walk and was screaming in pain. i had 5 years of trying the pain injections and nothing worked i had to give my job up as a hairdresser.
    I had two total disc replacements at 24 and it worked i was pain free. I went back to work and lived my life to the max.
    Then 2 years ago my life fell apart, the pain started getting bad again, i was told that my facet joints had collapsed so they put rods in and that helped for 2 months.
    Then the pain came back 100 time worse and my doctor told me that all my metal work needed to come out. We had to pay private as he had left the nhs.
    i nearly lost my life as they cut my aorta, lost 6 pints of blood and my left leg was numb and STILL HAD MY BACK PAIN.
    When home after 5 days i had pain in groin and tummy, 2 weeks after keep seeing my doctor he said it was post op. Then i got rushed back hospital and was told i had a massive blood clot in my tummy. If i did not have a op in the nexts few days i will die and in the op i could lose my leg.
    Its been five months since the ops and i wish i was dead as the pain is killing me.
    Im on 150mg per hour morph patches, oral morph, tramadol 50mg, diazpam 5mg amatriptyline and now ketamine 50mg and the pain is still coming through.
    All i do is lay in bed as soon as pressure goes on the back im screaming.
    Iv been told that im depressed and that i have got to learn to live with it.
    There are course that help you. ITS A JOKE and that i cant always be on the med. i want to cry as no one will help me and i dont want to live anymore. im so sorry that i have told you every thing i just dont know who to talk to.
    i do hope that things work for you both xxx lisa
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  • I had gotten to a desperate situation with my back. I saw so many different doctors and tried so many different things. Finally I had prolotherapy on my lumbar area. I got significant relief. It was not a cure for me, I still have pain and bad days, but I have been able to continue to work. I would say I got 50% better.
    I wish you luck, I know how frustrating dealing with the pain and the doctors can be.
  • Dearest Lisa

    I am so so sorry for you, I only had a month on my back and I am fairly mobile. I can't actually imagine anymore as the month was bad enough. Have you contacted a counsellor who deals with depression due to Chronic pain??

    My thoughts are I really don't think this is a permenant state for you, for a few reasons. You are young and the body has an amazing ability to heal. I know everyone says keep positive, keep positive. You want to tell them to shov it!!! Because you try being positive when you can't even get out of bed and are in agonising pain all the time. All I can say is keep the faith and your body will heal. Another thing I really believe in is the way medical research is going if you hang on a few years there will be a cure. they are already testing stem cell research to regenerate new discs... In the meantime remember we never get given more then we can deal with... I do not believe you have to 'live with it'. Reaserch your condition as much as possible, find a support base of people in a similar predicament online and look at alternative healing, even clincical trials - I mean lets face it the situation can't get any worse and you have nothing to lose...

    Also I have been looking up various alternative treatments and I have a wonderful friend who is a doctor of bio chemistry who has worked in the pharmaceautical industry all his life. He is now about 70 and very into natural healing and he told me the body does have a way of healing itself and sometimes it just takes time and listening to our bodies. i know you are so far beyond alternative therapies but in my oppionin they can't hurt and you have nothing to lose. Are you living with your parents? How is your family dealing with the whole thing?

    Mine and Johns latest research says the following is are good.
    Devils Claw extract
    Glucosamine and Chondritine
    Curcumin (same as Cumin)
    folic acid
    Vit B6 and 12
    krill oil

    In your situation I would try anything...

    I live in the South Africa but if I am ever in the UK which i am sure I will be in a few years. i love England and I lived in London for two years.

    Much love and blessing to you - you are not alone in the world


  • Dear steph
    Thank you for your kind words, i live with my husband and my mum look's after me while my husband is at work.

    steph we have tried lots of natural heeling to i went down the root if having acupuncture taking vitamins.
    physio all and every thing that might help we have tried as well as all the surg.

    Its so hard to stay positive when there is no where to turn and no one who is going to wave a wand and take my pain away.

    I went back into hospital 3 weeks ago for a week, they was trying to keep my pain under control which they cant seem to do.

    The pain is there 24/7 and in those 24/7 times i have massive flair ups where im like a wide animal screaming. Its like some one has broken my back from behind and all i want to do is get into a ball and try and take the pressure off my spine.

    I envy you so much and I sound like I'm a cow but id do anything to have only had it for a month and be up moving around.

    I am under a pain clinic and yes there nice people but unless you have the pain no one under stands.

    I have talked to a counsellor while I was in hospital but they don't under stand. If I want to talk to one we would have to pay and we cant afford it.

    Steph you said that there is always new research being done as yes maybe they will one day come up with something.

    I just don't know how much me and my family can take.
    What did you do to your back?
    Many Thanks For Your Kindness
    lisa rolls
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