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recently had a ACDF in feb 2012-still having nerve pain

tweetyttweety Posts: 11
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:03 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
hi everyone
i recently had my 2nd ACDF in Feb 27,12 2 C3,4
i been suffering from severe nerve pain for long time down my left side (shoulder, arm, hand) after failed ESI's i had surgery again , 1st one was in 1999 @ C 4,5
last failed ESI was in Jan 26,12 -when pain mgmt dr hit a nerve(which he denies)
lost feeling in my upper extremies for over hour, got severe pain in my chest on left side(which pain mgmt dr kept insisiting it was GERD or ACID REFLEX) which i never had in my life. i ended up in hospital for 3 days to ruled out any medical issues from the procedure etc... all dr's i saw said the pain mgmt dr hit a nerve
so after i was discharged f/hospital i was out of work for 2 weeks pain in my chest was still bothering me... before i went to hospital i had made appt to see a neurosurgeon (i found the same dr who did my 1st ACDF in 1999) on Feb 3 12
after looking at all my MRI's from 2009, to most recent one done at hospital on 1/28/12 of my cervical spine, he confirmed i needed surgery to remove herniated disk 2 C3,4 .so surgery date was scheduled and done on 2/27/12
came home nxt day in soft collar for 2wks. then have PT for 8 wks-went bk to see surgeon for f/up after PT. i told him i was still in severe nerve pain down left side, cannot write or type pain is so bad.., so dr sugguested i go see a pain mgmt dr for eval. for ESI @ C3/4-i told him don't remember what happen last time i had ESI? i am afraid to had another ESI, no relief before surgery when i had ESI's in 2009, 2010(2),2012(2). so i went to see a pain mgmt dr(same one i saw bk in 2009 but i saw a different doctor in the office, he said i can do ESI @ C3 and C6,7 cause he said that where my symptoms r coming from... i donot want to do it? HAS ANYONE HAD AN ESI AFTER THEY HAD ACDF? SO SOON AFTER HAVING SURGERY-IF YOU DID - DID IT HELP/RELIEVE THE NERVE PAIN... PLS EMAIL ME WITH ANY HELP OR WHAT I SHOULD DO OR IF YOU KNOW OF A GOOD PAIN MGMT DR IN FLORIDA hope to hear bk real soon email


  • Where do you live in Florida? I've used PM clinics in the Orlando and Jacksonville areas and can give you a recommendation if you live in or near these areas.
  • i live in broward county area- tamarac, fl
    but your referrals my lead to someone in my area, you never know
    its worth a try right?
    i up to any ideas or recommedations
    thanks again
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  • Well, I'm a 34 year old male, no real injuries, just a crunchy, bad neck that slowly got worse over the years. Had ACDF last year. I've had at least 7 ESI's since my ACDF C5-6 that was done Mar 31, 2011. I had my first shot about 4 mo. after surgery. They give me about 15-20 min. of good relief (its the numbing medicine) then for about a day I feel 10-20% better, then all my pain is back full force. My surgeon pretty much quit listening to me and wrote me off, like he was too good to have a procedure that didn't work. Thank the good Lord above I have a PM that listens and takes care of me.He told me at my last visit, no more injections since they don't help. I said that'll work for me. He also told me that he has dinner with the local surgeons from time to time and the next time he will talk about me and my issues to them at the next dinner. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know, I know how you feel. I too have had severe pain for days after an injection. I said they must have hit a nerve too. And I wanted to let you know you are not alone when it comes to being in pain after surgery...
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