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Can someone explain to me what the leg pain feels like

I had a microdiscectomy on my L5 S1, my other 2 discs on top have issues to include bilateral forminal narrowing. I know that the words small, minimal etc also are up to someones interpretation. Now I am 7 weeks out and the past few weeks I have noticed that after about 3 miles of walking my legs really hurt. My hips, calves all of it are EXTREMELY achy and uncomfortable. Now prior to this I was a marathon runner, my disc actually blew out while I was running, so I know what sore tired legs feel like. This is weird. It's almost like my legs are not getting stronger. If I lie down for a while it gets better and din the morning the feeling is gone. I keep walking and push through the extreme feeling in my legs(I've walked 9 miles) because I thought maybe it was just my legs getting stronger, but the prb is they aren't and the feeling is ONLY when I"m walking or doing some kind of exercise standing. I don't have this prb while swimming. Could this be the narrowing? Is that what it feels like??


  • Have you discussed this with the surgeon whom performed the surgery? Sometimes a disc can re-herniate, not that I am saying that is the issue. Or the fact the surgery took it's toll on the other disc. But either way, you need to discuss this with your doctor and let them get some test done. As far as what my leg pain feels like it actually just starts burning and throbbing, down a direct path. Look at a dermatone map and see if there is a pattern, of the pain.
  • nkaynnkay Posts: 100
    edited 07/11/2012 - 6:31 AM
    Hmm no it's not nerve pain. When I looked up the symptoms it says weakness, numbness and leg pain. That's how it feels.
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  • OllieOOllie Posts: 16
    edited 07/17/2012 - 1:41 PM
    I have much the same problems as you.. I can walk briskly on a good day a mile.On a bad day about 200 yards. The lower back, hips & legs become sore & I literally loose power to the legs . My physio explained that if anything causes the nerves to swell it means they are being restricted even more than usual when passing out of the spine. The restriction interrupts nerve signalling to & fro '
    This causes the loss of power to the legs.If you try to keep going it will only get worse. Think of an Energiser bunny advert. The trick she said was to stop for a minute or two to allow the backlog of messages to clear.Power then comes back but will gradually fade away again as the cycle begins again.. Hence on a bad day I stop start at 200 yard intervals. The advice kind of makes sense. I can usually tell how it will be after the first 50 yards.

    The following day maybe quite different.Its usually better in the morning ..I suppose because I've been resting during the night.I think it also rather depends whether I move around during the day as opposed to sitting at the computer too long & then going for a walk.

  • Huh.. my PT told me it's fine to keep pushing. Thank you so much for answering me! I'm so frustrated!!!!! Prior to this I was running 50 miles a week trying to qualify for Boston now my legs feel like mush. Morning is def best for me and I keep walking even though my legs feel weak.
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