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Hi everyone! *waving as madly as I can*

I had surgery 5 days ago! The operation was supposed to take 3-4 hrs, but it took 4 hrs and 40 minutes. I was given lots and lots of fluids during surgery (to keep my kidneys going, cos theynwere slow to wake up after my hysterectomy). Kidneys worked just fine all the way through, but the bladders decided to take a longer snooze...had to be re-catheterised within 30 mins of getting back to my room. I tell you this for information because it happened, not because I had problems. It is now Saturday lunchtime. Surgery was last Monday, which means I didn't poo from Sunday onwards. I AM taking Senokot every day, and did poo a bit yesterday (see, they don't talk about this at pre-op!). So far today, I have not pooed. I am not worried, because I don't feel ill, and am not having nausea or pain. I will go to see the pharmacist on Monday if things do not improve before then.

I was only in the hospital for one night! Had a PLIF, Laminectomy and Pedicle Srcrew Instrumentatin inserted. The bone used for my graft came mainly from the piece that they removed for the Laminectomy, but there was also some "frozen" bone too.. Right from day one, the pain that I have had at the surgery inscision site has been WAAAAAY less than the pain I had been having with the 'sciatica'. All the surgery was at L5 -S1 level.

I am very VERY stiff and sore, and moving takes a great deal of effort. I can no longer turn over in bed...I literally have to sit up on the edge of the bed to realign myself to lie back down. I can get up and to the bthroom on my own. Today, for the first time, I got fully dressed (including underwear/bra)...and got my own breakfast, which I ate sitting at the kitchen table. I had a friend stay over from Tuesday to Friday, then another came just for last night and tonight. Friend 2 has gone shopping right now. I am still taking Percocet and Oxycodone on a very regular basis, and probably will for a few more days. I have a walker, a grabber thingy, and a couple of canes. Someone brought me a shower seat. Things seem to be going well, but I am realising that this recovery lark is going to take a lonnnnnnnnnnng time! I see the surgeon on Thursday next week.

I wish you all the very best with your surgery's and with your recovery. (now, if I could just work out that whole pooing idea!)


  • I had to have a suppository before I pooped after my op. took laxatives for 3 weeks. Thankfully now regular and off laxatives but still bloated and gassy. went up a dress size after op because of gas. Any suggestions.
  • I used a large scoop of Flax Seed MEAL (already ground) in my cereal every morning, and prunes. Worked like a charm!
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  • bookcatbbookcat United States Posts: 65
    Is also pooping for me. I asked about post-op bowel management program during my preop last week and got a truly wimpy answer. Fortunately the responder was my surgeon's PA, so I can follow up w/my surgeon. I am currently taking 60 mg of oxycontin and have had severe constipation w/manual stool extraction necessary most of the time. I've worked out a new regime that is effective for me. I take 400 mg of docusate sodium split into 200 am and pm (generic Colace). I also take one dose of generic Miralax at bedtime. I am regular and not constipated. My diet includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains so constipation was not an issue until I started narcotic pain meds.

    Hope this helps. Sometimes it just takes a little blasting lol. Btw, the generic miralax is non habit-forming.
    PLIF L1-3 6/13
    ACDF (C5-7) 8/12
    PLIF (L2-5) 2003/05/08
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