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Hi Everyone
I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with Cymbalta for pain management. I am currently on a tramadol/NSAID regimen that works ok however I would like to not have to take the tram. I find I can take much less of it (about 1 to 1.5 pills a day of Ultracet 37.5 mg) but find I am chemically dependent on it besides needing it for the back pain. I would like to rid myself of it....also I am feeling depressed and really down of late. I was wondering if Cymbalta is worth a try at this point.
If no one has real pain improvmenet from it, than I would stick with the tram, get another AD, since I know the tram is working. I just am getting nervous about my system "needing" it.

Am I being silly? Is Cymbalta worth asking my medical doctors about?

Thank you in advance.

lee Ellen


  • Cymbalta is used for nerve pain, and I've seen ad's saying it can be used for fibromyalgia. Your Dr should discuss the likely hood of it helping your particular pain. I have been taking Cymbalta for over 2 years, believe it helps but doesn't alleviate the pain.
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  • I have read that it helps some people quite a bit for nerve pain, and that for some getting off of it can cause major problems (depression, suicidal thoughts and bad withdrawal).

    Tramadol works like an SSRI, so if you are going to talk to your Dr about an AD also discuss the chance of serotonin syndrome. Because Tramadol works as an SSRI (similar to an AD) there can be a risk of this in some people.

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  • I didn't feel it worked for me, but I know a lot of others in my pain group like it. I went back on Effexor for my depression and pain meds for the pain. It's definitely worth a try! You can always go back to something else if it doesn't work. :)

    Just watch out for serotonin syndrome because tramadol and Ultracet can effect serotonin levels also, among other meds. Just talk to you doc AND pharmacist (I think sometimes the pharmacist knows even more than the docs!).
  • TracyLynneTTracyLynne Posts: 582
    edited 07/24/2012 - 9:08 PM
    I gave Cymbalta a good try, but did not get any relief at all. Incidentally, it is also used for arthritis pain and chronic low back pain as well as nerve pain.

    I started with 30 mg twice a day, gradually working up to 60 mg twice a day - this is the maximum, and is only for chronic pain. I didn't stay on the larger dose because my sleep was terribly disrupted by the Cymbalta; I am currently weaning off it completely.

    I had sleep issues as well as hot flashes and sweats, but felt it was worth trying. I know others who have had great results with it.

  • BrokebackBobBBrokebackBob Posts: 24
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    Wont know till you try. My own experience is cymbalta worked. I had 3 level ACDF one year ago this week for severe stenosis and developed c5 palsy which is just now almost 100%. I have severe stenosis in lower back and sciatic pain. mid winter depression chronic LB pain and 10 or 12 5mg. oxys daily. Always tired. decision to start cymbalta and saw results in 30 days. the stiffness in LB disappeared and I could movie, stand up like a normal person. Sharp sciatic pain remains and needs surgery to correct. cymbalta is now helping me cope with bone spur surgery at base of thumb. first one was monday passed. i need my hands ready to support my weight on walker after LB surgery. cymbalta mood elevator is game changer for me.
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