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8 week post-op and doing worse(scar tissue)?

I had a micro discectomy 8 weeks ago and I'm not doing as good as I thought. I was doing good until my 6 weeks and then I started this burning in my back and buttocks and then at week 7 I twisted in bed wrong and now have a stinging, stabing, burning feeling in my back and buttocks. It gets worse when I sit and walk too much. I went to the doctor for my 8 week checkup and he said that I didn't re-herniate and doesn't know why I am having this pain. He said that it could be scar tissue and put me on Lyrica. He won't do an MRI because there is still inflammation and I have to wait till 12 weeks. I go back to him in 5 weeks. I have been doing PT twice a week and though that was suppose to help scar tissue. I've heard that once you get scar tissue, you will have that pain forever. I am 36 and don't think I can deal with this pain forever. Any ideas?


  • Hi kitndust, I am sorry for your worsening pain and know some of what you are going through. I had a microdiscectomy 11 weeks ago and have had worsening pain since surgery on T7-T8 and also found that I have herniated discs in cervicle and lumbar spine. May I ask how doctor knows you did not reherniated the disc if he has not done an MRI. Did you have CT scan or x-ray or any tests at all. I don't understand his reasoning that he does not want to do MRI due to inflammation and wants to wait 12 weeks. I have had 2 MRIs since my surgery and last on a week and half ago was done of entire spine which took 2 hrs:( They are not sure if pain from thoracic is due to scar tissue or inflammation or infection and even though they see issue on MRI they may need to do needle biopsy to see if it is infection or inflammation. I have moderate to severe scarring from 3 lumbar surgeries at L4-L5 level but until recently did not have pain until herniation at L3-L4 so scar tissue may or may not cause pain. I would think it depends on patient and where scar tissue is located and how severe. I hope you find the answers you are looking for at your doctor visit. Please keep in touch and let us know what he says

  • kitndustkkitndust Posts: 31
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    Doctor said that if I re-hernatied I would know it and that I wouldn't be able to do my leg raises and other things that I have been doing. The pain in mostly in my back and buttocks. I don't really have the leg pain. I think I might have scar tissue around the nerve root. I had surgery at my L5/S1. I'm hoping that maybe I just have inflammation from turning wrong. I don't understand about the MRI either because I have heard of other people having them before the 12 weeks.
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