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Fentanyl Patch "review" of sorts

Hey everyone, I had posted a while back about some changes in my pain management plan, my doctor wanted me to try Butrans patches as 8 10-325 Norco's just were not cutting it. I should mention again that I used to take OC 30mg every 12hours a few years ago now but even though my pain and disabilitys have got twice as bad I am a stay at home dad and needed to be more alert for there sake and I have learned to gauge what I am abile to do by the pain I'm in. It's hard to say for sure, but I feel IMO that some of the excelerated deterioration in my back(L5-S1 & L4-5) and now permeate sciatica in my left leg and now nearly daily in my right leg is due in part from killing too much pain and doing too damn much, being 26 and awful, awful pig headed, lol. But any way, we couldn't due Butrans due to coverage so we started on the fentanyl patch, 12mcg/hr a few weeks back and 4 Norco's a day. It was pretty awesome, although at that dose it was too weak to meet my needs/expectations so I'm on the 25mcg/hr patch, same Norco now and I am really very happy with it thus far. I read a lot of others experiances with this patch and decided that those aren't really reliable because they seem to expect that warm fuzzy feeling of "eating" a handful of pills and that it should last days. I mean, to an extent it does a little but it helps kill a big chunk of my pain, so I am happy with it. When I started I was in the middle of one of my real bad flare ups in pain, really getting around an 8-9 pain level with the 8 norco a day. The flare up hasn't really recided any but the pain level was down to a 6 or so with the 12mcg/hr patch combo and now that I'm on the 25mcg/hr patch/norco combo I've even touched 5's and even had one "4" day for the first time in many years. Only time will tell if this stays true but for a person with chronic pain knows, anything that helps your pain is awesome. I know everyone develops tolerance to pain meds but I forse myself to stay at a level of meds until I just can no longer stand it anymore so I don't just climb the ladder to the top tier and find that IV morphine works as well as tylanol for me, it's been a hard 8 years now and I could not imagine how much harder it would be if I gave into becoming tolerant to fast and couldn't find relief out side "extreme" doses of meds


  • I am on the Fent patch too. It really does help with the pain, and you are still alert and can function. They have worked well for me. I have been on 25mcg for three years now, with oxycodone 5mg, 3xdaily, and they have helped the same throughout, my back/neck have just gotten worse. I am also pretty young, 32 years old, and have two kids (who are older, 10 and 16, so it is not like chasing two year old's around), so it is nice to be able to be on something that helps the pain, but doesn't make you super tired or feel "drugged" up.

    Hope everything works out with the patch. It can really be a life saver.

  • deerejohnddeerejohn Posts: 18
    edited 08/23/2012 - 8:59 AM
    I wish my kids were that old! Their 4, 3, and 1 and that pesky 15 month old little girl is bound and determined to put me in a wheel chair, she takes off with my can, gets into everything and they requires more food and drink then a high school football team after a big game. My heart goes out to stay at home parents, even If I wasn't disabled this is so much work!! Do you find not really like more pain persay but just "feel" different in the few hours leading up to changing your patch at 72hrs and for a little while after changing it? I just take a couple Norco's during that time and it's nothing that bothers me pain wise but didn't know if I was alone. I kinda suspect that maybe the people who say that there back to the horrible pain 24hrs before the patch change (not on spine health btw, just online in general) are just not wight he program, hell, On about the 4th patches into it I was scratching and pretty much tore my patch off(black fly bit near the patch) I didn't know the protacal so I just tossed the patch a little over a day early from change, and put a new one on 24hrs latter and didn't experiances any ill effects, aside from it seemed to take a few more hours to get full relief back after the change. Also, when you change patches, does the old location kinda feel like your arm does after a tetnis shot, not the initial "hurt" but like the tail end of it?
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