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Ladies - large breasts = thoracic pain??

Hi my name is Terri I'm a 25 year old female from Colorado. My doctor suggested a breast reduction and physical therapy along with prescribed pain meds. Anyone who has been on Vicodin knows they work for like 2 days. I asked for something stronger and he said I need to find a pain management doctor and sent me on my way. I did one physical therapy session and I forgot what he said but one of my t discs is sticking out. I start consistent therapy with him next month 2x a week. Both my doctor and PT said my back pain is due to my very large breasts on my small frame. I developed at age 13 and am now a 40 DD and 150 pounds at 5'6". So I'm a bit overweight but even when Im skinny (120-135lbs) my breasts remain large. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE EXPERIENCING WHAT I AM??!??! Lol! I wear a back brace that pulls my shoulders back and helps tremendously for the few hours I can wear it. Anyways I have constant rigid, tender traps, constant burning between my shoulder blades, and sore low back pain as well. The pain is always there it sucks I had to quit ballet and my job in home health care as a CNA. Now at 25 maybe I'll need a PCP or CNA haha! Anyways new to this site, hello everyone. So glad this forum and site exists. Would love to hear everyone's thoracic stories! (since ALOT of ppl have lumbar pain) Thanks for reading can't wait to hear from you! - Terri
"My spine is a place of harmony and love. Each vertebra is lovingly connected to its neighbors. There is perfect, smooth interaction. I can reach to the heavens and bend to the earth. I love and appreciate my BEAUTIFUL spine!"


  • hi Terri, welcome to the forum:) I too have a large chest. I went from completely flat chested to full overnight in 7th grade and kids can be very cruel:( I am a 44DD and have been larger when pregnant and much smaller 36C when I lost alot of weight. I was told by my first orthopedic surgeon in 1994 that it may have been a good idea to have breast reduction even though I only had lumbar issues at that time. I talked to a surgeon and was not thrilled with the surgery that he described so I did not go through with it. Here I am 18 yrs. later and I so wish I had done the surgery:( I started experiencing chest pain and mid back pain in Feb. 2012 and my traps also had knots in them that I tried to have massaged out which left me with bruises and still huge knots. Never put that together with back problems until you mentioned it...hmmm...anyway May 24,12 i had a microdiscectomy of T7-8 and have had severe pain since surgery. Also have herniated disc at C6-7 and another at L3-4. I have also had 3 lumbar lamenectomies at L4-5 in 1994 and 2 in 2008. The herniation in thoracic spine is very rare and I had to travel 4 hrs. from home to speciality hospital (Duke) to have surgery. I was told after surgery that it may be a good idea to get a breast reduction but after so many surgeries....10 since 1994 ( not all spine) I dont know if I want another surgery right now. But I totally understand what you are going through and some things are so similar between us...I was also a CNA for 10 yrs. and that is when I had 2 spine surgeries and knee surgery. At your young age I think hard about going through with the reduction because 20 yrs. later you could be in my position with your spine. Please keep in touch and let me know what you decide to do. You can PM me at any time:)

  • Based on your stats, I'm 99.99999999% sure that you're wearing the wrong bra size. That is probably a huge contender to the back pain, and most women wear the wrong size without even knowing it. I'm 160, 5'4" and a 32GG. The majority of your support should come from the band, not the straps- the band should be level all the way around, not pulling up in the back. In-store fittings are a JOKE, one lady told me I was a 38C! I tried on a bra in that size and it didn't even cover my nipples. Either go to a specialty store, (NOT Victoria's secret, they are for decoration and only carry a limited range of sizes) or, the best route, learn to measure yourself. On top of that, every bra is different so your measurement will vary based on the bra. The perfect bra wont always solve all your back problems, but it will fix a lot of them (posture, support, posture, posture haha). I'm still trying to see what can be done to help out with my back pain, I'd like to see how all the "studies" with results showing that a large bust doesn't correlate with back pain got to their results. Either the people conducting those studies need to grow boobs, or they're conducting their research incorrectly.
    Another idea- I was really into corsets. Overbust corsets take all the pain away, but a lot of people don't like the constriction. It's also said that it can make your muscles weak from lack of use, but I didn't have any problems converting back to life without a corset. The support of a REAL, authentic, durable corset is unmatched.
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  • Hi ladies, I am 49, I had a complete hysterectomy 3 years ago and in menopause. YIPPIE. I have buldging disc (3) exactly where my bra lays on my back. I am a G size and weigh 175. I was told by surgeon that a breast reduction would save the other disc. I viewed YOU TUBE breast reduction surgery and told myself to SUCK IT I really would enjoy perky, pretty boobs. I mean......I would love to have my arm pits back and to be able to cross my legs without having to pick them thangs up. I read the other comments, we have similar issues. This back pain has become a priority. Is surgery and physical therapy my only option?
  • I had a breast reduction 6 yrs ago. And it was the best decision I ever made. I have since had a bilateral subacromial decompression and rotator cuff tear repair on both shoulders. And recently a ACDF for a c-5c-6 (which has been the most painful recovery of all). Good luck with your decision
  • I went to a chiropractor and had therapy for lower back pain, spasms, a bum knee and tingling in my hand. The therapy helped my knee and the tingling in my hand. It did nothing for the lower back pain and spasms. My doctor suggest I go to the orthopedic. My orthopedic gave me oral meds to lessen the inflammation. It didn't work. He suggested cortisone shots. I had three shots. One each week. He told me to wait four weeks and give him a call if it doesn't help. If therapy doesn't work then back surgery is the only thing that will resolve it for good. The pain returned in three weeks. I had already had therapy. So surgery was next. I've heard horror stories about back surgery and I was so distraught thinking that was the only solution. One day while sitting on the couch, I acknowledged that lately my breathing is labored at times and my girls felt so heavy. So I stood up and lifted my breast. Not only did it address the breathing issue, it took that stabbing nerve pain away from my back, shoulders and neck. My back still had the ache but it"s probably because the inflammation returned. I figured that my breast are causing my back to be inflamed and the inflammation, I was told, causes the pain. I began my research of symptoms of large breast causing back pain. The first article I read mention the wrong bra size. Well I've been wearing a 38DD for 15 years. I got sized and I am a 34DDD. I had been stuffing myself in the wrong sized bra. I continued my research, some of the symptoms of large breast are, spasms, tingling, itchy nipples, digs in the shoulder, soreness and other symptoms. I was in denial about the size of my breast. Others had been telling me that my breast were huge but "denial is not a river in Egypt" but I guess I like to swim there. Even though I was spilling out of my bra and all of them became uncomfortable to wear, it still didn't occur to me that my breast grew. Who does that? I thought it was that I had picked up a couple of pounds. No worries! Well, the point is that I would have gotten back surgery as the next option. Now I am going to my primary to discuss having a breast reduction. I will probably have to address the inflammation that has already set in but afterwards I hope all is well. I hope I don't have to have spine surgery. Wish me blessings, my divas.
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  • JanisaaaJJanisaaa Posts: 6
    edited 05/19/2015 - 10:09 AM
    It is possible to get custom made bras. I can't recommend a specific bra maker because I have no experience. My grandmother, had custom made long-line bras that covered her entire upper torso, front and back; kind of like an above the waist only corset. She lived in southern Ohio. Having a good fitting bra is essential for us big gals.
    Hope this helps.
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