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Constant popping in lower back

When I bend over about 45 degrees and turn slightly to the right like I do when tying my right shoe when it is up on a step, my back starts a constant popping. As soon as I move away fom this position, it stops. It doesn't hurt, as such, but feels uncomfortable. I have been all over the web but can't seem to find any explanation. I would really like to know what this is before I go to the doctor


  • I am 11 weeks post op from a discectomy and fusion at L5-S1, so I'm definitely concerned. I have no idea what it is.
    L5-S1 Fusion, Discectomy on 7/10/12
    Herniated Discs at L3-L4-L5-S1, Spondylosis, Spondylolethesis at L5, DDD, Partial CES, Lumbar Facet Arthropathy
    Chronic back pain since 12/2010 (slip and fall on ice)
  • I have something similar, every time I bend sideways a little bit i get a pop. Have no diagnosis for it yet but I do know i have a pretty wedged disc at t-11. I think the noise comes from the bones rubbing/grinding against one another. Is it possible that is the cause of one of your popping noises? Just a thought hope it helps, good luck with your surgery too! =)
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  • Hi My spine and ribs pop and I was told my ribs were moving. Wasnt explained why, but my guess is because of loss of fluids, disc problems and haemangiomas in the vertrabal bodies my spine/ribs must be mislined causing them to move??
  • I called the doctor about all the popping after my fusions. They said it was the ligaments moving around the screws and rods.
    Discectomies 05/08 and 04/11, fusions L4-5 Feb 9,2012 and L3-L4 June 28,2012, Staph infection washout 3/2/2012, Bulged L5-S1. SCS trial on January 17th, 2014, which was a success! Permanent SCS on February 20th.
  • paininohioppaininohio Posts: 240
    edited 05/24/2013 - 2:50 AM
    Mine does that too, except in my case, it hurts like the dickens when it happens.
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  • Crazy symptoms arent they? So will the clicking not do extra damage my backs bad enough. Feel like mine needs to click to slip back into position. So my clicking is slight relief but seems to slip back onto a painful spot. Its getting unbearable the pain but nothing they can do. I do get physio now once a week for 20min had one session. Dont think once a week will help. Been three times before and got signed off cos i was olny getting immediate short term relief. At the end of my last physio they gave me an xray. Was told had a little damage to spine and signed off. Was my private chiropractor who noticed by feel i had more problems so told doc got a scan and here i am. Loads of non treatable painful probs worse by the day :(
  • I had such crazy "popping" that my students could hear it when I leaned in to help them on a problem or just walking around. I was told it was the muscles, etc moving around the hardware... then one day later I realized I hadn't heard it in awhile and the sounds are now gone. Strange.... but kind of cool. Still glad the noises and sensations are now gone.
    33yo mom of two. My surgical history...preadolescence scoliosis, kyphosis, and a hot mess.... 5 spine surgeries and lots of items added I wasn't born with (titanium, peek, surgical steel). Guess cremation is out. TSA loves me.
  • Im just so glad Im single allmetal cos when I breathe in bed you can hear it, would frighten anyone :o Hope mine dissappears. My physio just nodded as if he knew what I meant but didnt explain, my doc said sounds like my ribs moving. At least them two didnt think I was nuts :) Hope all gets better soon, bit relief from the pain would go down a treat.
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