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New Member, Route67 from New Hampshire

Hello All, just wanted to introduce myself.

50-year old male from New Hampshire.

Herniated disc between L3 and L4 in 2008 and have had problems ever since.

Doctors are not recommending any kind of surgery.

I am not on any meds right now except for Lidoderm patches as my pain is only severe when I walk or stand for any period of time more than 5 minutes; in those situations I am at about a level 7 or 8 and must sit down. Sitting or lying down my pain level is a zero.

I may have some specific questions and/or concerns I would like addressed, but wanted to follow all the rules of the Mods first, and will also do a read over all the current threads for my specific conditions/problems before I start my own thread.

For now just wanted to say 'Hi' and thank everyone for such a great message board!




  • You have arrived in the right place. Read, read, read...there is so much information on this site. I lurked for months! ;) There are many people living through many things. There are successes and lots of trials and tribulations. Do not be scared off by the severity of the posts you might read. Most people tend to post when things are rough...looking for a connection. People that are complete success stories tend to move on in their lives and forget to come back and post about how great things. I personally believe I will be a success....fairly new here myself!
    Just wanted to quickly welcome you...a bit unusual that I'm the first post! Woohoo for me! The more information you give about yourself, your issues, diagnostic tests you may have had....will give seasoned spiney's the tools needed to be as supportive as possible. Peace to you, Ellen
    3 level fusion L3-S1 July 23, 2012
  • Its great that you want to get up to speed by reading previous posts and website.

    Many come here and want answers without doing any homework. And the answer was only a few posts ago sometimes.

    My symptoms were similar. If I had built up my core strength at your stage, I may have avoided the surgeries.

    Hope you can..
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  • Welcome. I'm new also and read here a lot.
    This is a very good site. Lots to read.

    L4/5 herniation13mm sequestered fragment L5 root compromise.
    L3/4 annular tear.
    L2/3 3mm bulge and annular tear.
    Tens mpo combo system
    Epidural L4 L5 28Nov12 / 12Dec12 / 26Dec12. All no relief :( SO FAR
    MicroD L4 L5 May 23 2013
  • Thanks everybody!

    I have belonged to many message boards of varying subjects over the years and understand the basic point in asking questions which have already been answered, maybe even just a day or 2 ago.

    I saw my spinal specialist again yesterday, and while I DO like him as a person and he is very polite [and his doctoral pedigree is amazing!], he seems to always be in a rush and doesn't even take the time to answer my questions; at all.

    So I came home and found this message board.....looks great and I am sure it will be helpful.

    I am one of the lucky ones.....90% of my day is fine, as long as I am sitting, driving, lying down, or sleeping. But I literally can not walk for more than a mile MAX, and can't stand in one place for more than 5 minutes or so and it's driving me nuts. Can't get into the gym again either, and prior to 2008 I loved it there. I may have some questions about 'slippage' but I will do some reading and research first.

    Thanks once again!
  • Davey16DDavey16 Posts: 31
    edited 10/16/2012 - 7:11 AM
    I was like you severe pain when walking ,standing, but could sit 12 hrs or lie down no pain, Injured in 2009 and the walking distance was getting less and less before extreme pain, Lower back,through buttocks into hips then down the right leg, standing more than a few minutes had to lean on the wall etc. before surgery was down to 50 metres and standing got worse a few minutes even sitting becoming a problem, Had a 2 level fusion with decompressions on the 6th sept 2012, I can already walk a few miles and stand 30-40 mins no problem, I am lucky and can already see avast improvement on what I was pre surgery, I still have some nerve pain in right leg but I am sure this will improve with time, Surgery is no fun as many on here will agree, read as much as you can and if you aret offered surgery prepare yourself for some dark days( although your Doctors do not recommend surgery at this stage), I am off heavy duty pain meds and have been since discharge from hospital, I take the occassional tylenol 3's (codeine) maybe once or twice a week but only at night for bed, I do believe I need nerve pain meds and will ask my surgeon on follow up for them. Take care of yourself, By the way I am a 58 year old male.
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