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what the hell is happening?

So I decided to sign up for this forum in hopes that someone is experiencing the same thing as me or may know whats going on. I will start from the beginning
day 1. finished lifting a light load out of the car with my boyfriend, he then went to pull the car around and while I was standing there waiting I had an excruciating pain shoot from my tailbone and lower back down my left leg. 15 minutes later my leg went numb and i was in so much pain I couldn't walk or stand. so I went to the clinic where they said my back spasmed and it was swollen and super stiff...duhhh
day 2. The pain is intolerable and the muscle relaxers and pain pills aren't helping
day 3. I called a chiropractor who said after his tests that i have degeneration in my neck and lower back (probably caused by an accident i had three years ago) He said it was severe whip lash and that my sciatic nerve may be effected, explaining my leg so he did an adjustment and it didn't help, that night though the pain was far worse
day 4-9 no changes although i had some tingling in my right leg which i was told could be from using it to compensate for my other
day 10. I had facial numbness on my left side of my face lasted like 5 hours
day 12. went to emerge had a lower back mri and they said nothing was wrong, the doctor was an ass and said "you don't have cancer so you should be able to walk, go home" well i couldn't walk and had to go borrow a wheelchair to get around. It seems like overnight my numbness spread to my right leg too and they are not just numb they are weak, they could not support any weight, I would simply fall over.
day 13 went to the university health clinic and the nurse called the ambulance on me and I ended right back in emerge this time seeing a nerologist he gave me tests then sent me for a full spine mri. I waited for the results and a different doctor said it came back fine. so i went home.
day 14 i got a call from the neurologist saying they missed something. I had to much spinal fluid. and i needed to come back asap.
day 15 he explained that the tube most ppl have in their spinal cord that is filled with fluid is to wide, alot wider than normal and therefore I had to much fluid in there. He wasn't sure if I have always had it or it just happened but he wasn't sure if it was causing my paralysis, he had never seen it before. then another neurologist comes in and says, have you been under stress?im like no, my life is good and easy etc. shes like well it could be ur stressed and your nervous system is just paralysising you. Im like lady my back is killing me, my legs and ass are numb and I cant move them at all! the only stress in my life is this issue.
So thats my story I'm scared and have never had anything like this before. In just 15 minutes I couldn't walk and its been two weeks. Im a student and can't get to classes bc the wheelchair sucks and I have to take the bus and the brakes arent good etc. They said I should go to a physiotherapist and wrote me a prescription. Also as a side note I have a headache and have no appetite at all. My bloodwork came back clean. If anyone has any idea please message me or reply etc. I would really appreciate it. Thanks soo much!


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    Do you live in a city that has another hospital? I would keep pushing and pushing until you get an answer that is acceptable. Telling you that since you don't have cancer you can walk is a bunch of BS and maybe a complaint to the hospital or medical board is in order. I personally have not experienced what you have so I don't know what you are going through. I would be scared sh****ss! It is not normal and should not be accepted as normal. Paralysis is not something to mess with and numbness/tingling may indicate that there is nerve damage (also don't want to play with that).

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  • My God,those medical people should be turned in to some one!!! This is horrible!!! You need to find a Dr who will
    Listen and takes this serious!!! Good Luck to you!!!
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  • perhaps you should look up the guillen barre syndrome on google. i am not a doctor, just a retired language teacher. i am sending you a link so you can read about it. i would go to a neurologist and suggest this site to him. i am recuperating from lumbar back surgery and i read your post. i too would be scared. however, there is treatment if it's guillain-barre.wishing you lots of health and luck in finding the right doctor.

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