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What are you fears about Surgery?



  • odile53oodile53 Posts: 62
    edited 01/17/2013 - 6:29 AM
    Along with the possibility of ending up a paraplegic, I was actually afraid of dying and going to hell, believe it or not. I had other fears, too, ranging from inadequate caregivers to being stuck wearing elastic waist pants (gick!)

    I couldn't do much about any of it, but there was one thing I could do: I contacted my parish priest a few days before surgery and received the Sacrament of the Sick (I'm Catholic.) They used to call it the Last Rites, but changed the name because it scared too many people off.

    Afterwards, we had a long chat about fear, courage, and strength, accepting limitations whether temporary or permanent, and our intrinsic value as human beings (regardless of what we are capable of doing.) That ministry of his was probably the one most helpful thing in aiding my recovery from this operation.

    I remember a deep feeling of calm and peace as I went into the OR, knowing in the very marrow of my bones that regardless of what happened, all would be well.

    If you are a person of faith, I urge you to contact your clergy, and get some spiritual help for this battle.
    I'm not a spinal diagnosis. I'm a human being with a spinal diagnosis.
  • I am just reading the posts as I prepare for my surgery (laminectomy w/spinal fusion) next month. This is so helpful to see my fears in print from other people! We do have much in common, and it's not always easy to explain our concerns to our family and friends. I appreciate hearing, and knowing, that I'm not alone in my feelings.
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  • I think the biggest one is not being able to work or provide for my family.Am fortunate now that my employer is understanding because he is going through similiar things but know some that had surgerys and afterwards, were worse off..I simply dont want to chance it and will delay it until its absolutely inevitable.

    Idid become fully awake during my eye surgery,no pain but remember the pulling mostly,the fear of seeing nothing but black and super anxiety and dr yelling to put me out,couldnt remember anything for 4 days afterwards or even how I got there.turned out ok eventually and the benefit of getting my vision back outweighed the bad experience of it all.
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