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Post- Microdiscectomy Leg pain

I am currently 17 days post op and the leg pain has lessened somewhat. I was given the okay to start therapy yesterday at my follow up, but I am a little nervous about it from reading so many forums about people having reherniations after surgery. If that happens to me again, I honestly have no idea what I will do because I will be very hesitant to get a second surgery only to have the same results. I'm 17 years old so I have been told that I will heal quickly and have no problems after surgery, which I pray to God is true. I am just curious to see if there is anyone who is young like me that has or is still going through the same situation. The first symptoms of sciatica came in December last year during baseball season, and I had no idea what happened except for the fact that it hurt like Hell. The trainer for baseball diagnosed it as a pulled hamstring so she stretched both of my hamstrings each for about 10 minutes. For those of you who know how sciatic pain feels, then just reading that would make you cringe. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life, but to make a long story short, I am worried that from the stretching, working out, running, etc, before surgery that I may have damaged the nerve beyond repair. Anyone with advice on how long I should expect leg pain and if it will ever go away, would be greatly appreciated.


  • Just wanted to say hello and best wishes with your recovery.
    I don't fully know your health background but I am familiar with MD's (had 2...yes revision patient here).

    Anyhow, sometimes there is nothing you actually do that causes re-herniation. Sometimes the nature of the surgery (micro) makes the visibility limited for surgeons. But, the other way it happens is if you overdo it too early. If you are cleared for PT, great...they will monitor you as you re-learn to stretch and strengthen your core. Any good PT will go slow and ask you how you feel. Then when you go for the next appointment, they will ask how you felt after the last appointment. It is VERY important that you be honest and open with them. If you hurt, let them know...they will do less. The key is they are working to find a balance of recovery and progress toward independence.

    Most important - you have probably been instructed not to bend, lift, twist. When you go to PT, they will get you stronger so that if you are 'caught off guard' by uneasy footing or whatever, that you are prepared to protect your spine.

    Good luck. hope the progress continues!
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