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What are we supposed to do all day during recovery?



  • Hello,

    I am having my surgery at the end of Jan. But had an un related surgery last week. I have been so bored this week even with the holiday I have been going nuts!! I have become addicted to my i pad!!! I have been reading lots of blogs about all kinds of topics, I can easily waste hours with that. My plan for after back surgery is to watch Dexter all seasons or whatever I can get my hands on, my boyfriend just moved in a few months ago and has got me watching now. I also like to rent movies on nature, national parks, animals or marine life. That is a change from a long 2 hour movie that i usually fall asleep during. Lots of naps are good!!! I am concerned about the exercise outside, we currently have snow. Hopefully we will go back to the 50 s soon! I am planning on scrap booking on line. I can do it from the recliner and the TV with the computer hooked up to it. I also have my craft scrap booking too. I am scheduling dates with my friends so I am not moping and crying (I can put on a good pity party in my head!!). I like the words with friends idea. I have not played yet. I am planning our trip to Hawaii in May. That will be fun and give me some motivation to be scuba diving ready (not sure if this is possible but good to have a goal). I belong to other social networking sites that i hope to be able to write on. I know its not the same as being out and about but at least I can contribute something somewhere and hopefully it will be helpful to at least one person. This site has been very helpful to me!!! I am sure im being super ambitious with all my ideas but I get bored very easy!!! This past week has been a test for whats to come...

    Thank you all for your ideas.
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    Oh, the boredom. I'm still in pain, so it's not too hard to figure out what to do and what my body needs. But still, you have to come up with some inventive ways to get through the day.

    I had a visitor yesterday, she came to walk Wally then stayed for about an hour afterwards. Unbelievable how tired that one hour made me when she left. She's coming back by tomorrow morning, again to walk Wally and visit.

    Francine, I'd love another WWF partner. I'm Wallysmommy, so let me know in chat that it's you and we can play. I have to say that I play anywhere from 1 to 4 times a day and some days I just can't play at all when I'm hurting really bad. I also kinda suck, so it might make you feel good. :-)

    Hang in there all recovery peeps.

    Alex, since my 3-level cervical surgery, I have a hard time watching NASCAR and tennis. LOL. Too much left, right, left, right, etc. (JK). Get 'er done, buddy.

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  • Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! It's mindless. When my nerve pain is so bad and I can't focus on anything it is helpful. I look at pretty things and pin things I'll never do I love it.
  • Oh the surgery. Out of all the surgeries I have had, I really have to say, this was the worst one ever. I woke up crying! I was telling them to give me something for the pain, and they said that they could not, as they have already gave me the maxium dilaudid. It took a couple hours to settle down, and then I started feeling better. I guess I was lucky, I went to my mom and dads, so my mom can take care of me, as I live by myself. I enjoyed every minute of it, we talked, watched tv, I slept, mostly all the time, but then 2 weeks later, I went home, and it was terrible. I know how boring it can be. I walked, but not too much, I watched tv, and facebook, and reading, but I hate to read. I hate to be bored, especially when you cannot clean, cook, do nothing. But you sure feel like it, after taking pain meds! I am only 3 mos. post op, and it still is not easy, but it does get better. You all are in my prayers, and I would like to lift someone else up and make them feel better, than feel sorry for myself. : )

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    Whet are dome of these things? I have to say I need serious social media help (new term for me). Being a wildllife biologist/ homesteader, I am new to a lot of this. Rural West Virginia is just entering the Internet age. Yes I am serious we still don't have working cell phones outside most our larger towns. But I finally got Hugest Net for research...surfing is fun, but I sure have a lot to learn. Lots of time to read scientific papers and learn about new things...but that sure gets boring. I wish we could actually talk so I could hear human voices (other than my husbands complaints!).at least we are on the upswing, even if its gonna take a while. At least I could plan recovery during the winter!
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