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Disc Degenerative Disease and sciatica

i feel alone ! I'm 34 yrs awith constant pain buttocks,lower spine and around the hips and cervix with added pain down my right leg causing my knee to become stuck and rigid, knowone seems to understand the pain .many days i cannoy stand on my leg and even cook for my young son...please someone give me any advice i dont even have power to type NEED HELP... please 6 years like this now and pain always in my neck I CANNOT SLEEP or stay asleep and the morning is the worst.
bonnie lamine


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,431
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    as you browse around this site, you will find plenty of good medical articles and videos, plus the added benefit of these member forums. i suggest you look over the forum rules and go through our faq.

    it is always helpful for new members to provide a quick summary of what they have. this makes it easier for the rest of the community to respond to any of your posts.

    - how long have you had this condition?
    - what doctor(s) have you seen?
    - what are the action plans from your doctors
    - what treatments are you going through or have had?
    - what medications are you currently taking?
    - what diagnostic tests (ie mri, ctscan) have you had and what are their results?
    - have you had any surgery? if so, what part of the spine and what type of surgery.

    information like this gives us a good snapshot of your condition. regarding degenerative disc disease, its probably the most mis-understood spinal condition. the words sound like worse than the actual condition. ddd is essentially the aging of our spines. liike our hair turns gray, our spine gets old. almost everyone by the time they are in their late 20's will show some sign of ddd.

    most ddd situations can be managed through approved exercise/stretching programs and over the counter nsaids. only the worse cases require any surgical intervention. sciatica is a different story. only because you need to identify the root of the problem. many times its a disc pressing on a nerve root that is cause that pain.

    take a look at these articles by spine-health:

    degenerative disc disease


    again , welcome to spine-health, i am sure you will find your stay beneficial.
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