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Sudden deafness

About 18 weeks ago I Lost my hearing totally in the left ear while i was treating a dental patient ( I'm a dental doctor).

My case: The sudden hear Loss came as I turned my head to have a directly look in the patients mouth. I heard a "pop" and servere vertigo with nausa hit me. I was transfered to emergency hospital Who did MRI and CT scan without any defects. I Got the diagnose Sudden deafness idiopathic. And treated with 50mg prednisolon for 10 days without luck.

Status today; still totally deaf in the left Ear with servere tinnitus.

Now I wonder - could it be a disorder i my neck ? My neck is often tender and sometimes gives a click. Should I seek Chiropratic treatment?



  • if you're dealing with something as potentially permanent as deafness, I would skip a chiropractor and go right to an orthopedist. Or, if you contact a chiropractor, I would ask if they know how to treat your diagnosis before I had them turning and cracking things.

    I've had positive success with chiropractors in the past, but I sure wouldn't mess around it.

    good luck to you!
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    My PT specialises in treating Dentists and Musicians (like violinists) - apparently they are at HIGH risk to the posture they take on 8 hours a day for their jobs.
    I would not be surprised to hear that you are having issues as a dentist.
    Have you talked to other colleagues or your professional body as to what advice is given for OHS issues/ repetitive strain injury specific to denistry?
    Wishing you well
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  • Hi, I'm new here just reading posts trying to educate myself but I had to respond to your post as it is possible that something may have been missed in your MRI. Sudden deafness can be caused by an acoustic neuroma, especially with the additional symptom of vertigo. An acoustic neuroma involves the 8th cranial nerve so it can impact your hearing & your balance. Most radiologists will never see one in their careers outside of a textbook. I was fortunate to be diagnosed very early, but recently when having a brain MRI because the ER doctor suspected I had a stroke the radiologist who read my MRI never picked up on my acoustic neuroma. I have opted to "wait & watch" my acoustic neuroma, if & when it grows larger I will remove it. In the meantime, I only have my brain MRI's done in the hospital where my doctor is & he has one radiologist read them along with him own opinion. I hope you don't have an acoustic neuroma, but wouldn't want you to be one of the many who get misdiagnosed. Good luck!
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