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Sciatica Pain

Marc199MMarc199 Posts: 5
Hello all,
I'm new here. There is a lot of great information on this forum.

Here is my story.
Let me start with, i ride motocross so i'm sure my pain has a lot to do with that. I also jog a lot.
About a year ago i started to notice my right leg would go numb while driving. I did not think much of the issue until my leg started to go numb while just sitting at my desk. I went to see an ortho about the issue.

Collected an MRI of my lower back. The doc could not find anything squeezing or causing my nerve issues. He went forward with some type of nerve block injection. No luck after that. Then we went forward with burning the nerve in my lower back. I know there is a name for that just not sure what it is called. This also did not help much. We collected more data by injecting dye into the spine and getting xray's while that happened. The doc found that my s1 was squeezing the sciatic nerve a bit. From what he can see it is not much. He thought the next best route would be doing an epidural shot. Well here are am two weeks later and it did not seem to help.

Just wondering i hear those normally come in 3's. Is this correct?
Also people that have dealt with this in the passed do you ever get 100% again?

I am taking Gabapentin 3 times a day and this is helping me do active things. I know its not a long term fix but, it is helping me for now.




  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    edited 01/04/2013 - 8:51 AM
    I hope you will find your stay here rewarding. Besides these patient forums there is a vast library of medical articles and videos.
    Some of the best way to get started is by reading our forum rules and the FAQ. The FAQ will provide you with a lot of pointers and good information.

    You will be surprised at the number of bikers, motocross, dirt-for-fun, road we have here. Sometimes I just wonder about the potential wear and tear on a bike can open itself to potential spinal problems.

    Sounds like you are going the best route. Its good to see that your doctor(s) are going the conservative route. Many times, it takes those treatments more than one time to realize the benefits.

    As far as Epidural Spinal Injection (ESI), most doctors and insurance companies allow for only 3 a year. Results can vary. There are so many variables. Who performs it, under what conditions, how it was done, the patient's situation, etc.
    Many times, the first one or two ESI's do not do anything. WIth some, the third helps and for others, no progress. I dont think anyone has a book written yet on how to ensure a perfect ESI!

    Many times, pain management includes a series of inter-related actions. Look at the FAQ, look for "The Blend" There I talk about all the components to go with pain management.

    From what you wrote, the only medication you are talking is Gabapentin (Neurontin). That mainly address the nerve problem associated with the disc impingement on a nerve root. Any other meds?
  • thanks for the great info dilauro
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  • A few people have been suggesting that i try a lazor procedure with a neurosurgeon. Ive been hearing a lot of good things from a few coworkers that have had the same type of issues that i have run into. My next step i'm going to meet with a neurosurgeon next week to talk about my issues and see if he can do anything for me.
  • Update on my issue. Went to a spine surgeon. They said my s1 disk is not as healthy as it use to be. It is rubbing on my sciatic nerve which is causing my numbness down my leg. They are going to day surgery and remove a small amount of bone to fix the issue.
  • Bonnie MarksBBonnie Marks Posts: 4
    edited 02/09/2013 - 8:17 AM
    We sound similar, sorry to hear. GABA and Savella helped me also, but I'm on to something even better. I won't bore you with my long story, but let's just say....was healthy active fitness instructor, to 5 MRI's, several specialists, 3 dif chiropractors, blah blah. Now, with ICE, MASSAGE, TENS therapy, stretching (I do yoga at home, and pirformis stretches on this site are key). Pain is pretty much gone unless I push it, no medication, and no limp! look into this....good luck
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