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problems as result of RFTC ?

In June I had another rftc , my 3rd set . I had 4 on each side of my neck . C-3-4-5-6 . The first 2 times I got 4 months relief . Not as much as we hoped but the four months were awesome to say the least . So we decided to go for it again . They did the left side first . It was very sore after but due to both sides being so bad and the pain also in the center it was hard to know how much help it had been . Two weeks later they did the right side . The day after I woke up and I was in so much pain I could not stand it ! Not only that I could not lift my head in an upright position at all ! I had headaches so bad that I just could not stand it . I called the doctor and they had me come in the next day . They put me on steroids . They did not help at all . Then they put me on a med for nerve pain and I had to stop taking that as I have neuropathy and it was causing me to have twitching . Then when I called to tell them about that they said he was leaving the next day for vacation and would not be back for 2 weeks and I woud have to just wait until he came back . Well , when he came back I tried to get another appointment and they said that there was nothing more they could do for me so they were releasing me from their care ! What the hell ! ? Why isn't he going to find out what went wrong with me ?????? I will finally be seeing a new doctor in a month . Has anyone had this sort of problem from an rftc before ? If so can you tell me what your out come was and how long it stayed that way ? I am just scared itt is going to stay like this ! Sometimes I just want to give up . I had enough pain to deal with before and I did not need anymore . Thanks .


  • Boy oh boy....
    I was beyond miserable. I was in the recovery room for several hours after the procedure. Apparently, he said that I moved during the procedure and he hit "something" that he did not mean to. I was in horrible pain.
    It took 4 weeks to feel somewhat human again. It has been 8 weeks and I am still uncomfortable but moved past the constant ice packs. I am now having what can be best described as rubber band pops or a harsh stinging. It always surprises me and sometimes I gasp unintentionally. I had the C3 and 4 done and the Dr. wants to do and epidural in the C5 and 6. He said if I do not get relief from that then he wants me to see a surgeon.
    We are also going on vacation soon and I do not want to do anything until after going away in early February.
    I would never recommend this procedure. I am so tired of being in constant pain and have almost forgotten what a good night sleep is and what being pain free is.
    I want my life back.
    I am sure my husband would agree! :)

    Has anyone else had the sharp pops of pain?
    Is there a point where the after affects of the rhizotomy go away and feel better?
  • JanCJJanC Posts: 2
    edited 02/08/2013 - 11:45 PM
    Hi everyone. This is my 1 st post to this site. I have multiple arthritises (5 identified over the past 20 years) and my cervical spine has has been a mess since an interventional therapist removed an Inferior Vena Cava filter in the 26 October 2012 via blood vessel in my neck. i was a anethetised and my neck held over my left shoulder while the filter was removed. I was in severe pain within 36 hours. After 6 weeks of hell i was unable to hold my head up , bend over or lie in some positions
    I had a MRI and bone scans of my spine focusing on the cervical spine. Amongst the anomalies reported was severe inflammation and dis-integration
    manage my hearing sensitivity OR exercise joints that have not been treated eg my left knee that is putting stress on my rt leg/ L5/S1 sciatica. At this stage all mobility aids are putting excess strain on my arms. With what appears to be good result so far.
    Your consideration of my dilemma would be appreciated
    I see multiple spelling and grammar issues but can't get them to correct . My profound apologies.

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    Begin forwarded message:

    steroid injections I the cervical spine ( same spots) and into the L5/S1 foreamen. These did not help in any way. On Wednesday I had Radio Frequency Neurotomies to C2/3, 3/4 and 4/5. It was a hideously painful procedure. Has this happened to any one else? I can only described the level of pain as that similar to that I experienced in 2003 and 2004 when I had 5mm synovial cysts crushing the nerve root within the spine at L4/5. I felt as though I was being tortured. I believed that i had read all I could re this procedure but nothing came close to my actual experience. Even down to the anesthetist threatening me that if hecouldnt put the IV cannula into the spot he wanted or I could do without any sedation / muscle relaxant . I have very poor Veinous access from multiple I sand surgical procedures. I am still in shock. I am told the increased pain will only last 72 hours and that is up tonight so my analgesics will be cut back tomorrow. What would any if you doin this situation. My neurosurgeon refuses any intervention on his part; the neurologist wants to shunt me off to a pain management rehab centre, the Orthopaedic surgeon is not able to replace the left knee foursome time to take pressure off the right leg and continuing to use mobility aids puts pressure on both shoulders , the shoulder girdle and I have pain radiating into both hands when I walk with sticks, crutches or a walking frame. I must have frightened my neurologist when I had some strong words to the pain specialist who did the procedure re the torture and his anesthetist because she had a psychiatrist come over yesterday to see if I was suicidal. He agreed with me that psychotrophhic drugs should not be an option and what I really need is a coordinated to control the damage to my joints, the damage to my kidneys and pancreas from prolonged use of some drugs. Sorry this is so long winded but sometimes you just have to " vent". Ps: I live in Australia .
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