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SI Joint Fusion

I have a total of 16 back surgeries since May 26,2005. The most recent 2 was in December, 2012. I had both sides of the SI Joint fused with plates. I do feel better besides having to lay more because of letting both sides heel. Has anyone else had the SI Joint Fusion and if so how long ago, and how has it changed your life?
Chad Stuart


  • Have been wondering about SI joint fusion. I have had a microdiscectomy/laminectomy at L5S1 with a plethora of other spine problems. DDD, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, Scheurmann's disease.... It was all diagnosed at age 38. I'm now 46. Have had PT with a very knowledgeable manual therapist. He has, for years, told me my SI joint was a huge problem. I get almost instant relief when he puts it back into normal alignment. But, I can go back the very next day and it will be out again. I don't know what to do anymore. There is no disc left at L5S1. Orthopedic surgeon said things will continue to get worse. Option is fusion. Have tried everything . . . Injections, massage, chiro, spinal decompression...every conservative thing I could think of. The only time in 8 years I had little to no pain was during my pregnancy 2009-10. Go figure. The theory is that the hormone Relaxin was present and relieved the muscle pain. So, I would give just about anything if they could bottle it and I could just take it as a "supplement". LOL!
    Have an appt with a neurosurgeon tomorrow. It is a follow-up to an ER visit after getting rear ended 10/24/12. (YEAH...3.5 months to get in to see him!!). I was actually rear ended while getting into my Expedition at the gas pump. Supposedly, the the gas pedal of the guy in the small car behind me got stuck. He managed to push my parked, ignition off large vehicle forward about 3 feet. Sadly, I was just getting back into the car and had leaned out to pull my wide-open door closed, so I wasn't restrained, my body was twisted, and I was leaning to the side. My back hit the edge of the bucket seat curve and my head slammed against the metal frame of the door. OUCH! My pain was mostly tolerable and treatable with 800mg of ibuprofen at night before bed. Since the accident, though, the pain has become nearly unbearable. I take 1600-2400mg ibuprofen a day plus muscle relaxers at night for sure and sometimes during the day. I have a 3-year old and my hubby is a firefighter who is gone for days at a time, so I cannot take pain meds like oxycodone, etc. The muscle relaxers (Soma) put me enough of a fog as it is. So tired of the pain. Praying that the auto insurance will cover fusion surgery and all rehab PT. if not, not sure when or if we can afford surgery. We have insurance, but our portion is still pretty huge.
    How are you doing since your SI fusion? What were your other surgeries? I guess it's a possibility for me if the L5S1 fusion doesn't work. How did you arrive at SI fusion? Has it limited you a lot in terms of function? Is your pain better?
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