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Hi guys, new here but glad I found this resource.
OK my story is that I was required to do some heavy lifting at a previous job and ping, something went in my lower back.
Cue the doctors appointment, had a really decent Dr who said it was probably a pulled muscle. Prescribed Ibuprofen and 30/500 co-codamol. The pain stayed, anyhow long story short I was bumped up to Tramadol, then MRI which showed a slipped disc. On my way down the stairs one day tripped over the cat and landed square on my bum. Thought nothing much of it until later. Furious pain I had never felt the likes of before. Drs appointment started on Amiltryptaline, Naproxen, Oxycontin and Oxycodone. Eventually I was taking 30mg Oxycontin x2 and 10mg Oc IR for breakthrough pain. That all got me back to work which was amazing after spending 3 months climbing the walls. I had a steroid injection that didn't seem to do much and the pain started increasing again which I put down to tolerance. Saw a new doctor who decided I didn't need to be on 30mg OC ER. He took them off me and just kept me on the IR. I made the mistake of saying was it just tolerance as I had been taking them for 11 months. He said I needed an operation and that was the only way the pain would stop.
I asked if he was going to feed my family while I was off work, at which point he kicked me out of the office.
Set up an appointment with my original doctor, he is dead against surgery and prescribed me up to 50mg Morphine Er x 2 to use as I saw fit, but to try and keep the dosage as low as I could.
I've been on them for 3 weeks now, the temperature has been making the pain worse so I'be been pretty much maxing out my 100mg a day. I've had a viscious headache since starting on them, they don't seem to help at all. What should be my approach to my Dr as to look too knowledgeable about drugs gives off the wrong signals?
Sorry it was so long.
Peace out
I am not whole until you are whole


  • Welcome to Spine-health.

    I totally cracked up when you posted what you said to your doctor about surgery. I simply want a plaque on my surgeon's wall since I've had three surgeries with him...all I got was a couple of coffee cups and that was only because they changed the name of their practice and had to get rid of the old ones. Lol

    I have a very strong relationship with my surgeon and his practice and could ask for any drug I want without red flags because I've never abused my meds in the four+ years I've been with them, but for most you have to just simply talk to the doc about how the med is not helping and that you're having bad side effects. Before my surgery in late Dec, my pain was so bad, my doc talked me into taking OxyContin because the Norcos were only helping a little. I had upped my dosage and let him know - he didn't care, but thought it would help to have a stronger med. Three days later I became suicidal and my hubby flushed every one of the pills down the toilet (the oxys).

    My doc was happy (I thought he'd be ticked off that i didn't bring them in, but luckily he wasn't) and said to stay with what works. So you need to work with your doctor, without making recommendations, to find the med that does what you need it to do. If you're having nerve pain, you'll need a different kind of med, a nerve-specific one, but a regular pain med if it's mechanical or spine pain. Hopefully you can get your doc to try different meds until you find the one that works best for you.

    Your doc should work with you on a trial basis for each med until you tell him you found the one that can get you through the day.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  • I was born with spinabifida and recently slipped my L5-S1 and L4-:L5 from picking my grandma up from a bad fall and then I used my body as a crane to suspend her over her bed until she was in the right position but luckily I have access to a lot of good advice my father is a neurosurgeon that would retire in a minute if he didn't have so many that want to see him, he's over the years gained a reputation for being able to fix spines that a lot of doctors have screwed up. My uncle and grandfather are also neurosurgeons so I would advice you to look hard to find the doctor that not only clicks well with you but seems to offer the best advice. Sometimes the doctors with the best reputations aren't necessarily the best doctors. I worked for an orthopedic surgeon 15 years ago who told me that so many people get their knee's scoped because the doctor tells them they need to when they really don't, because it's a quick 30-45 minute surgery that they collect $3000 for, so on a surgery day they can stack 15 up them up, but to honestly get 15 surgeries the odds are you have to see 200 patients for a knee scope anyway, and what my boss at the time said is most those patients had inflammation and pain that would have gone down in a few months anyway so they get the surgery when they still hurt, and eventually feel better and figure it was the surgery. Anyway, my whole advice in all this is to be very careful about getting a surgery and try and find the right doctor
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  • Sorry, I didn't put in what I meant to about meds. I've got a great relationship with my doctor. He's been my doctor for 5 years since my previous doctor who was his partner retired. Anyway, he agree's that everyone reacts differently to different meds and different doses. I have a relationship where I can ask to try something and my doctor knows me well enough to do that, but before we'd built that trust up if something wasn't working or wasn't strong enough I would frankly tell him that it wasn't enough or something else was working better and let him decide what to try next and I've been through some meds that didn't work at all or had bad side effects so I would really let your doctor know how you're feeling about what you're on and what you feel is lacking or bad side effects.
  • dude007ddude007 Posts: 2
    edited 07/01/2013 - 9:47 PM
    Hiya guys finally got the internet back......I live in England and where I am inside toilets are relatively new and the internet is considered black magic.
    Thanks for the advice and whatnot.
    It's been a few months since I posted and I'll just give y'all an update.
    A few weeks ago I went to the doctors (not my regular doctor, as he was in the Bahamas or something like), I told her how I was feeling and that I thought there may be a problem further up my back towards the middle as it was giving me discomfort just like the herniated disc. She said I needed to talk to my regular Dr about that and prescribed a load more oxycontin. (I was switched off morphine because of the month long headache and back to oxy).
    This didn't sit right with me as I had got it into my head that my body was playing tricks on me just so it could get more opiates into it, I'd gone up to 30mg x 3 a day ER and 10's as and when, while still getting nasty pain.
    So I flushed all my meds (Oxycontin, oxycodone, Naproxen, Amiltryptaline) to see if it was real pain or just in my head.
    The withdrawals weren't pleasant but I got through them, but now!! Jesus, Joseph & Mary!!!
    Not sleeping because of my original back injury, the new pain further up is definitely real and I've been smashed by a depression that I hadn't realised I had had as I'd been getting on with work in a doped up fug and what feels like a constant stabbing in the back of my thigh. Also a nice headache that's been with me since last friday.
    An interesting experiment but NOT recommended to be done by anyone else.
    But I think I'm at baseline now.
    I am not whole until you are whole
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