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Got Microdiscectomy in THAILAND now back in AFGHANISTAN

I was a very active 36 year old. I got Hemilaminectomy on the left side with L5-S1 Microdiscectomy about 5 weeks ago in Thailand. I am now back in Afghnistan with very light duty. I can get up and walk or sit down when ever I want, and I don't have to lift anything. I went to the best hospital in Bangkok and one of the best Neurosugeon, but there was still a lot that was not passed on to me due to the languege berrier. He said he took the entire disc out, but he didn't mention fusion or anything and he didn't not put anything back in place of the disc. Is this common? I feel OK. I still have some pain and numbness down my leg and calf, but I can deal with it compared to what it was. I just hope some one can tell me what kind of physical activeties I will be able to do once I am fully healed. I asked the dr. if I would be able to run marathons and fight competitively again, and he said yes (I Think). He said I should be able to start running again after 6 weeks. I'm reading a lot on the internet now and it just dose not sound like people do physical activities like that after that type of sergery. However; I can not find anyone that had the full disc taken out with anything else done. If he didn't fuse the bone back together and didn't replace the disc with anything how stable will it be in the future? Is it going to cause damege to other bone by grinding together? I hope someone can help me to be more informed about the sergery I just had and what I can expect in the future. Thank you!


  • I have heard of where once disc is taken out natural fusion can take place even if it's bone on bone,
    I talked to many people especialy over seas and many have had great outcomes beter then surgery here in the USA with fusion using hardware or artificial disc replacement,

    What you had done there I don't think is new , I am starting to think in many cases here in the USA using hardware is posibly all about the money when people are having beter outcomes in many other areas in the world,

    I am sure in some cases fusion with hardware when spine is not stable or involves scoliosis is a must but not posibly just for 1 bad disc, Some cases while disc can be gone as long as there is no compressing nerves and no issue natural fusion can take place and all is good,

    I talked to many old timers who were out on the golf course who said they had disc removed years ago with no hardware and they are fine,

    While I had artificial disc replaced L4 L5 back in 2004 and I been cripled from nerve damage from that date on,

    As long as you know you geting beter each day play it safe just slowly increase activity and until you are totaly recovered you should know when you body is ready for more,

    Once you have full recovery you might look back years later and say how lucky you were having surgery there with beter outcome then what doctors are doing in the USA, It's sad but in some way might be true,

    Ps Micro d surgery I believe was only removing small part of the disc which was probably pressing on the nerve, Not the total disc removed, This might be the reason dr told you you are good to go in about 6 weeks, as long as the disc don't blow out give it time to heal and all is well,
    Best of luck, Keep up the good work, Thanks for your service,
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  • Thanks Alex. That make me feel a little better. That was the 3rd time I posted that and you were the only one that replied. Am I doing something wrong? This is the first time I have used this sight. Or, maybe its just not commen in the states, so no one knew how to answer, but I think your the only one that even looked at my post. I don't know but thanks. Have they tried to do anything to repair your nerve. I really hope you can find the right dr. to repair the nerve or releive the pressure. Good Luck!
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  • catfishmanccatfishman Posts: 185
    edited 02/06/2013 - 4:23 AM
    my mother had a disc removed about 30 plus years ago, no hardware installed, and she worked in a hot manufacturing job for a total of 40 years with no more problems, she even went back to work at 6 weeks. she was fine all those years after her surgery, up until recently, she now has a bulging disc somewhere else. but to me she was very succussfull all those years, of course she is a tough woman. she also had to lift boxes of material, she worked at a lamp plant making light bulbs, probably not all that heavy, but still lifting. i hope it works out as well for you.
  • Nerve damage they have no cure for in my case , There is no compression any more so nerve simply got damaged during surgery,

    Many never even heard of disc being removed and not using hardware is probably why not many people responded ,
    I have causins and other family members in Europe who I know had such surgery and did very well,

    But is I said from the name of your surgery micro D surgery, It's only removing part of the disc, very litle part to get it away from the nerve and as long as disc don't tear it's not a long recovery,

    So I am pretty sure you still have the disc, Doctor probably just said remove the disc meaning part of,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • I agree with Alex. The doctor probably was just saying agreeable things to get you out and on your way. Although I have heard of bone-to-bone natural fusions. I imagine the facet joints suffer when the disc is altered in some way.

    There are not a lot of responses to your posts because there are not a lot people on this board anymore.

    Thank you for your service, I hope you stay safe and can return safe and sound.
    On the sunny and mild Central Coast of California

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