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SI Joint Dysfunction or Pirformis Syndrome?????

I'm looking for someone out there with similar situation. I'm 46, female, otherwise healthy, use to be fitness crazy, five-year long chronic sciatica/foot pain sufferer. Several docs, surgeons, chiros, I've had every scan/test out there, and shots and more shots. That said, I do have small herniations l4 l5 s1, but after three years, they agreed the pain is "probably" not caused by this. Probably...seriously! That makes a chronic pain sufferer feel all warm and fuzzy.

So, like many of you, when I was told to seek chiropractic therapy, I did. This did not help, usually felt worse. I would make appts with surgeon again, wait two months for appts, re-explain everything, be told again what to it, same cycle all over again with MRI's in between.

One surgeon, that I finally got snippy with, referred me to an osteopathic specialist. I went in with all my info ready to go, expecting to be disappointed again, but I'm happy to say I think he is on to something. He seems to lean toward SI joint dysfunction stemming from an injury I had to a ligament years ago. (when my foot is on fire and I can't walk, ice on the SI joint takes much of the pain away)

Here is where I get confused..... My butt cheek deep in spams, it aches most of the time. I tell him it's like a toothache in my butt. When I read about Pirformis Syndrome, it sounds like me.

Could I have both issues? I feel like I could heal myself better if I could wrap my brain around it. I think really knowing is important. I read about having Botox in the Pirformis, has anyone had this done?

Sorry so long and wordy. This is nothing, I did not scratch the surface.



  • skillensskillen Posts: 6
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    I think I must have had a different situation, but there was a point when I truly thought I had piriformis syndrome. I even did PT around that. Turns out I personally had an L5 rupture, ect. My point is there is apparently several things that can make you think you have piriformis syndrome, just like I thought I had. I'm not saying you don't have it, but sometimes it may be a symptom of another problem, and makes you feel like its piriformis. My PT guy even had me down on the table doing a deep tissue rub every time I went. I think he thought the same thing, though he never admitted it. I think there is a shot they doctor can do to rule out piriformis, although I don't know a lot about it.
    I'm real sorry for your pain. I hope you get the real diagnosis and repair soon!
  • Hi Bonnie,
    Si joint dysfunction (by any of its names) can lead to spasm of the piriformis muscle (PM). This is because both the PM and the sciatic nerve exit the pelvis together just under the sacrum. If the sacrum is moving, it can irritate the PM and Sciatic Nerve. That's why you get both the syndrome and neuropathy. Try checking out the forum for sacroiliac joint problems on here.
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