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NEVRO - It's IN, it's working and i can SIT DOWN, YAY!!!!



  • Sue

    How long did they leave the equipment in when you had your initial trial on 3 December? Did they leave it in until 13 February or take it out prior to your second operation?

    Kind regards

    Nigel & Kellie
    My partner Kellie has undergone the following operations on her spine- nucleoplasty and PLIF twice. All of which have failed and she is now waiting to undergo spinal cord stimulator surgery to have the nevro device fitted.
  • Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your post, but I haven't been on Spine Health for a while.

    The equipment was only in situ for one week after 3 December. It should have been only 5 days but I think the poor weather we had at the time caused the extra delay, I cannot remember now.

    On the whole, I am well pleased with the Nevro results so far. I have a few ongoing issues, one of which causes pain at night and keeps me awake. I found out yesterday it is NOT an infection, so I'm very pleased about that. I was informed it could take time to 'bed in' or perhaps I'm having a reaction to the electrodes, but hopefully it should all settle down.

    The Nevro does not take away the sacro-iliac pain - and if I have any issues with my bowels, then the same old pain comes back in my back/leg with a vengence. The latest episode lasted for about 4 days. I have always had extra pain issues when things like this are concerned, it's been going on for over 7 years now, so I know I will have flare ups every now and again. I'm still taking the same medication and I understand these problems can arise as a side effect. The trouble is, these episodes are not consistent so I am never pre-warned when a flare up will occur. Other than at these times, the Nevro has taken away ALL of my leg pain and a good percentage of the back pain, which is more than good enough for me!

    The great news is that I can sit with my hubby, on the sofa, in the lounge each evening - I haven't been able to do that for well over a year now, so for me, this is a vast improvement.

    The charging of the Nevro device has also settled down now and is averaging about 30-40 minutes each evening. I don't find this a problem at all because I'm usually watching the British 'Soaps' anyway.

    I really hope Kellie gets on well with her trial. Will you let us all know how she gets on as I'm interested to read her progress?

    Take care
    2 x Microdiscectomy 2005 / PLIFusion 2-level 2010 / revision surgery 2011 / NEVRO Senza spinal cord stimulator implanted February 2013. I WILL NOT GIVE IN / UP !!
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  • Thanks heaps for the info I'm about to start the trial in may then have it permemently implanted in July. I'm hoping to get off most of the drugs I'm on(mainly the fentenyl patches) so fingers crossed
  • Hi
    New here
    I had the Nevro Senza trial on the 3rd December, I go back to the hospital tomorrow after doing a week on the trial.
    I loved it !! I'm still quite gobsmacked that it works my daily pain levels for back right leg and right foot always stayed in a 7 to 8 on the pain scale even with all the medication, Now i am sitting with a pain scale between 2 and 3 never had a pain score as low for many many years this device is just the best.
    I will hopefully have the permanent one Jan or Feb.
    Im trying to find out info for the next op does not seem to be much info out there
    The high frequency of the device is great as i feel nothing but reduced pain
  • Im new to the forum.. I am now 4 weeks post implant and couidnt be more happy with my results..After numerous surgeries and epiderals I am pain free in my back and just a slight numbness in my leg but that is going away after finally finding the correct setting...I started waking 2 days post surgery and hopefully can start jogging in 4 weeks..It takes time for scar tissue to form and don't want the leads to move..Im a workout fanatic and cant wait to run again...The trial was a success and waited to 2 weeks after to do implant..Only drawback is every nite charging myself for 30-35 minutes but its a small price to pay for relief.. Let me know if I can help with any of your questions or thoughts..Be well
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