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Neck Sergury

mlc12mmlc12 Posts: 1
edited 02/21/2013 - 7:48 PM in Recovering from Surgery
Hi,read your delimma: I had neck sergury Jan. 25th so going into my 4th week. Had c4,5,6,7. cadavor bones inserted, rods and fused. Before sergury my doctor told me what to expect. I read many articles. I must tell anyone who has this sergury what I did, may not be the best; 'cause I scared myself! almost..didn't want to go thru with it.. All sergury has pain, some more than others. I was in serious pain for 2 weeks, continued on Loratabs w/tylenol. Then around 2nd week ending- noticed not only pain but WEAKness set in; I also started to shake,twitch and jerk severely.(from releasing of spinal cord) Since I am not a sitter...I wanted to go back to routines BUT, nope, it set me back trying, and at times thought would faint!, well, the Doctor did say not to do anything! So week 3 came, pain was some better, but I was sooooo WEAK.and no appetite/ I also (seemed to me), to be DEPRESSED. NEVer have I been a depressed person....but these things were over whelming me. Yep, I cried, slep, cried, slep,etc., thru the week; even thought(would never be nornal) again. All of the above could be explained by the( anesthesia)during sergury. I PRAYED alot that week and just when I thought I may have a long run...Gotup one morning no shakes, no jerking, no body actually felt more normal. Sure I still have one spot w/pain down back (and sure), it will take the fusing about a year to complete especially since I am diabetic; but, the world is looking "prettty goooood" So, I am back doing a few things, washing, folding,cleaning, and today went outside to get some sun, racked a bit, but my back felt it so stopped.
Listen, folks...sergury is pain (always). Tell your Doctor all your fears before sergury. Don't go by who said what. My doctor did very good job. Sounds like you have not had much sergury prior. Drugs help you over the hump only. Sit yourself down and have an understanding. The sun will come out, again. Think of this time as a vacation. Sleep, cry, read, watch TV. I recommend you talk to GOD. It works! I know I am still limted but I am feeling my strength returning. Wishing you a better day & soon: I said a prayer for you...: from Alabama


  • Usually with time, things do get better. My journey sounds a lot like yours. Once you can resume even a few activities, it helps.

    4 level ACDF completed on January 3rd.
    I developed an infection which required reopening the wound on January17th
    Looking forward to life without as much pain!
  • I am 4 weeks post op today, and I have gone thru so many emotions, this recovery is harder than I expected and im so badly wanting to feel physically great. I do pray on it and it does help. I just have to b a little more patient. Thanks for the reassuring words.
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  • Time does heal most wounds, be patient while recovering. We are messing with the roots of our body. Neck and back.
    Kinda like a tree, it wouldnt stand if it didnt have strong roots. These are serious things we have done to our body and it takes time. Dont beat yourself up and only do what you can while recovering.
    I think we sometimes think we will get instant relief after having surgery because we are so frustrated from feeling so badly for so long, and after surgery its a different pain and we want our life back quickly and then become frustrated.
    It will get better in time. Try to do some things that you enjoy right now, only if you can though, dont push too much as you are in the healing process.
    Keep us posted and we look forward to hearing on a speedy recovery.
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