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Spinal Cord Stimulator approval times

I am supposed to be getting a spinal cord stimulator and was wondering how many of you out there can help me answer this question?
I am workers comp, but would like answers from people who are and are not workers comp please.
From the request for the SCS how long was it for each of you for
#1 the trial to take place from the date of Dr's request?
#2 The permanent implant for those of you who decided to go thru with the perm.
#3 Which Brand did you get?
#4 Did the reps for the scs companies help any with approvals or finding docs to either do the trial or the permanent?
Thanks...this seems like it is taking a very long time.


  • I had to wait a long period of time for my trial to be approved, lets say it took two months from the time my dotor had the idea until I was on the table. The approval really wanst a problem for me with the insurance companies. I am told that if you have done everything else to prevent pain at least once, they usually don't give you any trouble. I am going through medtronic and a rep was at the trial and again at a recheck during the trial and will be there during my permanent implant. My problem is because my pain doc and that of the ortho surgen who is going to help, each work for two different companies and there lies my problem. One thing that I did during waiting was always checking with the insurance companies as well as with my docs, sometimes if you can question things like your really stupid, and not like your checking up on them you get further. Have you had your psych evail yet? That is real fun, but took a few weeks to approve and get an appointment, it is like a two hour test. Good luck to you with everything!!!
  • Yes my "pshyco" eval was approx 10 minute interview, maybe less. I had no questionnaire, no fill in the blanks, nothing.
    Just asked a few questions about in general, Married? single? straight? lesbian? children? Are your mom and dad alive? Are they still married? Brothers? Sisters? How any of these questions have anything to do with whether or not I can operate a remote control? Or understand that this is a surgical implanted procedure?

    He kinda floundered on the type of device it was (TENS) and I corrected him, why would I have a psyco eval for a TENS? This interview was a waste of money, he did no real interview of the sort, and I really think he did not do what he was supposed to do...anyway this was how my test went and so I think that was his test, then he tested me on his
    tablet about the drugs I am taking. Once he knew I could operate the tablet and recognized most of the drugs I am taking I think that was his deciding are normal.. What a quick $300? OR more? He got off easy on that one.

    So far it has taken approximately 3 months just to get the psyco eval, and no more approvals in sight
    I am very annoyed at this whole process, and just miserable in the meds are still being switched around which I am grateful for, have not found a good fit yet with enough improvement..but all my dosages have been so low now that I see here what everyone else is taking and the dosages, no wonder I have not gotten pain relief yet. It certainly has changed my attitude, and I dont like that at all. Even the people who are trying to help me I am getting annoyed with..................

    I have been thru all the shots, I think I had a few blocks, they dont tell you if you had one or not, PT, pain program more drugs at all or very light drugs the first year till I could not stand it anymore, to now maybe I should buy stock in one of the drug manufacturing companies, or Boston Scientific or Medtronics....OK little funny.....
    please if more can chime in that would be great
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  • sent you a private message. I just got my message today 3/25/13, sorry....very sorry
  • I had a MRI in the ribcage. I have a herniation there also. Plus some kind of either blood lot or protrusion with blood vessels in it. No one has bothered to explain it to me. It is close to where my leads will be placed.

    Very concerned this trial will cause spasms and cramping in that area. They are already bad enough there. My PM doc says they are referred pain. Which is not what I am reading. Every symptom I have is directly related to this herniation, the scs will not cover that area either. Very disappointed in this Dr at this point. I still have not had any surgeon go over any of my MRI's. They refuse to let me see a surgeon until I do trial first. This alone seems fishy to me.
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