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Hello all, Here's my story

Hello, my name is Jay I’m 42yrs old and I live and work in New Jersey


Two terms doctors have used to describe my problem but what are they actually saying. If you read the texts, these words are nothing more than a fancy way to say you have low back pain caused by disc disease. Ok so I have a disease, what are my options? Well let’s see this started in 2005, sooo, many epidurals, blocks, ablations, and pain meds later by 4 different pain doctors, and lastly trips to several surgeons find me in the same or worse condition I’ve been in for the better part of 8 years.

Tests you ask? Sure I’ve had discograms, which clearly show a full thickness annular tear para-centrally and to the right at L5-S1. An X-Ray which only shows some slight spondylolisthesis at L5 and CT scans which show the same L5 herniation with the added bonus of a 2-3mm right kidney stone, yay.. what fun that’s going to be when it’s time to pass it. Lets not forget the countless MRI’s I’ve had which show pretty white cotton ball disc spaces until of course you get to L5 which is black as the night and thin as a rail. And what also has doctors perplexed is that when I get bad radicular pain it is always down the left leg not the right. That pain has only been intermittent though it comes and goes whenever it wants I guess but when it comes it’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. What is constant though is that lower back pain it just never goes away. my pain doctor says that he has tried all the conservative options available to me at this point.

I still manage to make to work everyday. I mostly sit and do very little walking. At home I don’t do much, god forbid I go food shopping with my wife. By the time I get home I’m a mess. The sad part of it all is that I was always really active. Early on I was able to get by with the epidurals and meds like Celebrex. I was an avid scuba diver and runner, served more than my share of tours in Iraq made it home safe thank god and now I feel useless and crippled.

All of the information gathered over the course of 8 years and doctors say they really don’t see what could be causing me so much pain. The last doc which I saw last week said “ I really don’t see any instability there it’s just a herniation”. So I asked him why not just perform a discectomy? What was his answer you ask? It was priceless; he said, “Well I don’t think that will help your pain”. Great doc, so what will, I asked. I mean I believe what he tells me. If it will not help then it will not help. His answer was just as baffling as the last “go see someone else”.

I’m writing more as a way to vent frustrations than looking for some diagnosis or solution. After all, this is the internet how could you possibly examine me here? However; I do realize that I cannot be the only one who suffers from something like this and I’ve always been a big believer in learning from other people’s experiences hence my being here.

Anyway, I am following this lasts surgeon’s advice. I mean what other option do I have. I made an appointment next week with yet another surgeon. I hope to be able to get some kind of answer or recommendation. This is not great quality of life.

Sorry for the long post, Thanks for listening!

L5-S1 ALIF w/Titanium Plate
Posterior Pedicle Screws w/rods


  • Hello Jay, I'm sorry to say i don't have answer so why am I writing? I want to tell ou that I as well was a very active persn, would walk hours at night on tracks and up and down hills in forests on walkingtrails, danced, yoga, worked out and everthing under the sun. I understand your frustration and that's what I want to tell you. I have no answers for my own issues and I know yo want issues. At this pointt all Im able to do is to pray for you and I don't know yuur take on this. i'm oringinally from the Brtonx and have relatives in New Jerssey and have lived more than half my life in Texas. I have chronic pain as well and am so frustrated ith doctors i can't tell you. I feel that most are useless. My btother who lives in Long Island and owns a no. of homes and rents them and has a good life plans to take away the little money I have and I can't do anything about it but to pray and you may not be at all satisfied with what I'm writing. I;m not of the opinion that God can heal everything like a lot of people are, especially here in the Bible Belt but I wlll tell you, as you know it's overwhelming and fruwtrating to say the least. I often help myself reaching out to others and giving support. It makes me feel better in general. And since you live in New Jersey I have a specfal affinity for anyone in the North East. I;m in a wheelchair and have amost total disk degeneration and my left leg is 3 12 inches shorter than my right leg and I have to wear wpecial shoes with a 3 1/2 inch lift. this began with a car wreck and then i had jawbone osteomylitis and had to go to Mexico for treatments which helped me considerably, but in Texas they don't even believe that things around the country that are acceptable in other states even exist. So, can you imagine my frustration about this. I often feel like I'm in another country. I know I'm probably not helping you but only commiserating with yuo. i'm supposed to have a spinal cautorization in two weeks but am unsure if it's safe for me to do this since I have a sytemic fungal disease and have poisoning from a no. of poison molds and no to littel bowel function and have to have colonics and use varous supplements to have any release. Many g.i. doctors sent me home to die and are supprised I'm still alive., but offer me nothing to do. I now found out I have chiliditis, simply a twist on ther rights iside of my colon. where food gets stuck. there may be surgery for this and I have to do further investigation. But, I first have to see if my leaking heart valve is still okay for me to do any surgery or will the anethesia keep me under since I often fall asleep during the day and at night from the poison molds and although the doctor who diagnosed me with a specific test tells me I;d be dead if I had all those funguses, he now wont treat me for this ? Speak about frustration with doctors. I am often at my wits end with all of them and now my brother wants to take every cent away from me. I guess Jay I'm needing to vent as well as offer you some support. All I can say is? I do use prayer when I'm able to and sometimes that's all i have. At times it helps me to feel better and I've had some miracles in my life. I undersand your frustration and I've had my knees which also need replacement injected with hyloronic acid which did nothing. I use pain patchss from the store and often am conviinced its the end for me and say goodbye to everyone I know and then I'm stilll here but for how long i don't now. No one can live on air alone and I need at least organic juices and broths and teas which is my mainstay of food intake but now my brother wants to take even this away from me and this is way too long to go into. He's always been greedy and he doesn't care if I ive or not. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any answer at all and I either can get into panic or just pray or cry. I do all of that at various times. I want you to know you're not alone with your suffering and pain. I'm in pain every single day wiith my colon and my joints which are all arthritic. God Bless You and if you;'re an aetheist, then sorry but I still willl pray for you since it helps me. Velvetflow 1
    Ronda Dee
  • LizLiz Posts: 9,709
    i am sure that you will find your time on spine-health very rewarding. this site is a powerful and integrated system that is dynamic and continues to grow.
    here are just some of the highlights:

    - detailed medical libraries of articles and videos that address almost every spinal conditions and treatment

    - the wellness section contains articles, tips and videos to help patients after surgery and also to help people avoid surgery.

    - under the resource tab, there is a section doctor advice health center which can be invaluable.

    - as a bonus, spine-health provides these patient forums. here is where you can meet thousands of other people who understand and can relate to your situation. you will soon become part of the spiney family who provide comfort and the advantages of a support system. you are now part of this family that is approximately 20,600 international members and growing daily.

    - it is very important to understand the forum rules to make sure all of your posts do not violate any of the rules.

    - as a new member, it is helpful to understand the 'makeup' of these forums, how to make posts, tips on adding images and much more. you should read forum faq

    if you have any questions or need assistance, you can use the private message facility to contact any one of the moderators on my team:
    dilauro , tamtam or liz


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  • couped243ccouped243 Posts: 42
    edited 03/31/2013 - 3:42 PM
    Thank you for sharing your story with me. Although very different your story reaffirms my belief that I am not alone. Not finding an answer is really wearing me down but hopefully something good will happen soon. Also I challenge you to keep looking and something good will surely happen for you as well. I am not very religious however I don't consider myself an atheist, your prayers are truly welcome and I will surely return the favor. Thanks again


    L5-S1 ALIF w/Titanium Plate
    Posterior Pedicle Screws w/rods
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