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Prisoner to previous meds

I have lower back pain with two torn discs. On Tuesday I crashed my motorcycle and smashed left hip. The hip next to back pain. SInce I take 30mg MS Contin x2 each day, NO DOCTOR will provide any other short term meds to help with hip pain due to crash! I am on a contract, but pain dr. simply will NOT call me back, and of course I can't get into see him for 6 weeks.

Once you get meds to help one condition....God help you if you get injured! You are on your own!!


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  • I did read FAQ etc. I am venting to some extent and wondering if this is how other patients are "thrown into" the mix of folks who have legitimate additional pain, but treated like drug seekers. I know how all of the tricks work. I was a police officer for 20 years and worked cases of seekers, sellers, traders, etc. But now I find that every doctor I talk with automatically assumes that is my goal....more meds. In reality I would have loved to just speak to my pain dr. for some advice. I really feel like he didn't care enough to call me, when that was his advice. Call if you are having problems. Anyone?
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    others (being a police officer) in how the DEA has had to keep closely tabs to all narcotic medications.

    Just from reading your initial post, I was somewhat surprised.
    345spine said:

    SInce I take 30mg MS Contin x2 each day, NO DOCTOR will provide any other short term meds to help with hip pain due to crash!
    Pain medications do not distinguish between back pain , hip pain or tooth pain. Narcotics work in (without all the medical details) taking control of some of your brain waves so you do not feel as much pain. That includes your entire body.

    If you were to ask a Doctor to give me pain medications for my back pain, and now give me pain medications for my hip pain, they would be really taken back.

    One suggestion I have would be to talk to your doctor about other options. Pain medications is not the end all in controlling problems. There are nerve medications, muscle relaxers, etc plus a whole set of conservative treatments to help manage your pain.

    You mentioned you read our FAQ, then you probably read the article about "THE BLEND" .

    The medical field is there to help all individuals. They need to do this in a responsible manner and in recent days always need to justify all their actions and prescribed medications. At times, that can make you or others feel as if you are a drug seeker, but you need to look at it from there perspective.

    A good medical professional can be almost 100% accurate when prescribing the proper medications based on a patients condition.
  • I do understand that narcotics are narcotics. What I find interesting and frustrating is that I signed the pain contract, which does not allow for multiple doctors providing scripts. That makes sense and keeps folks from shopping and overdosing themselves. I have seen many of those in person. My frustration is that I injured myself in a place not currently being monitored, but I cannot get in to see my pain dr for over a month. So regardless of the method, I am left to live with additional pain. If my current dose and type of meds were working, I would have no gripe. I want to be able to do things as a normal person but I am stuck because I cannot get in. That is my gripe, and yes I was upset when I started this thread. I really wish dr's would leave a slot or two each day/week for those who fall in my predicament. New pain, new injury. I do appreciate your response. I will look at your hyperlinks. Thanks! S
  • and in my original post I should have said no doctor CAN prescribe short acting meds, or whatever they feel treatment should be. I am tied to the contract and I understand that. Is that more clear? The point of the post is not whether I get more meds, but the fact that I can't see pain dr for soo long....
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    I had a severe cat bite which gave me four puncture wounds on my left wrist and into my tendon. When i went to the urgent care facility, they offered to give me pain meds knowing I was already on Exalgo and dilaudid. I refused knowing I had a pain contract. I called my doctors office and was told with a call back that the doctor would not raise my dose regardless of the additional pain. It left me feeling as if my doctor doesn't care as he didn't even request to see me or request the urgent care records. I would have thought that he would at least request I come in. Then when I went in the next month for my regular appointment he saw the healing wounds on my wrist and said "What is that??" And i reminded him what it was and that I had called. He said "you should have made an appointment anyway". Well really? Why would I spend money for an appointment and my husbands time to drive me if the end result was him not doing anything about it? I realize doctors are under scrutiny but my doctor has lost his compassion. It seems he is burned out and treats everyone as if they are seekers even though he has referred me to a surgeon for a fusion. For those that have a doctor who listens and then makes an educated decision, you are very blessed. My doctor told me he doesn't have anyone else receiving more then Vicodin and that I should consider myself lucky that he will continue my dose from my previous retired doctor but to never ask for more because he will not give it. I am hoping after my surgery that I can find a doctor who will at least not pigeon hole me like that (if I still need pain managment).

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