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  • I had a cervical SCS with three incisions from my neck down to my rear (where the battery pack is located). I was up and around the third day which actually helped a lot. Like Pandqmama mentioned above, it is good to get up and move around, especially after such a major surgery. I hope you start to feeling better and can finally turn on your stimulator to see how it works for you! I didn't turn mine on either right away...I waited a week before I felt like I could take it on. Good luck with your recovery!
  • backpainsucksbbackpainsucks Posts: 47
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    I'm finally up and moving around. It's been a week and two days now and I can just now get up on my own! I still have some surgery pain but not to bad. I have been able to turn my stimulator on some and I can't really tell yet if its working all the way yet or not. I know I'm not getting coverage on my left foot to good but, I go and see the rep in two days and maybe he can help me with programming the stimulator better! All I know is I just want this to work and help me even if just a little! I haven't worked in three years because I have some severe nerve damage on my left side because the disc sat on my nerve for over a year because of wc fighting my case. I finally got all of this approved and my dr said if I wouldn't have had to wait then he doesn't think the damage would be so bad! On the good side of things I now have a stimulator in and I'm going to give it every thing I've got to get to feeling some what normal! I will try and post as much as I can for everyone about my recovery good or bad. I will be back on soon maybe after my rep programs my stem for me and I'll let you all know how it's working! Hey and thanks for reading my post I hope I can be some help to someone and a lot of you have been really helping me so thanks.
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  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 05/06/2013 - 2:57 PM
    Your post makes a couple of good points first being that your case took three years to get through W/C for surgery which the wait appears to have caused nerve damage that will never get better.
    This is a point I try to make from my experience when people try to put surgery off as long as they can.
    Waiting on a cervical surgery if there is any cord compression is wrong. I am paying for that now.

    Second point is learning what your stimulator can do and what adjustments you can make.
    I urge you to play with your controls on the remote you may or may not be able to get some coverage
    Into your foot and use your rep to the Max. If they are in a hurry make them slow down and show you how to help yourself. It is not easy the units can do so much. I have had mine almost three years and I am still learning.
    Its interesting I have a issue with my left foot that can not be resolved and may have another trial with leads at another level to see if it helps. My insurance keeps saying no but next month I will have new insurance and no pre approval will be needed.

    Your first programing was also just a minimal one to get you started. Was it done in the recovery room when you were still out of it? Hell when I got home I did not remember much of the instructions.
    You should have been given a book that may help I'd you read it.
    Good Luck and we all hope it works or you.

  • I am a week and a half post perm stimulator implant and went to my dr's office today Tuesday to get programmed and all my nurse wanted to talk about was me going back to work within four to five months! I haven't worked in three years and have bad nerve damage. All she was worried about was me getting out to work. I'm not even sure that this is even gonna help me yet because I've been in so much pain. My goal is to go back to work but, I want to make sure I'm ok to do so not just jump back at it to soon. Is this normal for them to do this or is she pushing me to fast? I have to walk with a cane because my left leg and foot go numb all the time and the pain is constant. I drove a truck and did heavy lifting so I'm not sure what it is I would even do. I think she just made me a little nervous because I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to judge this stem yet to say if it is going to help or not, especially to go back to work or not.
  • Not sure if my stimulator is gonna work! I have to go back wed to get programmed again. It doesn't feel like the trial did to me! It's not just helping the nerve pain in my back or my foot. I'm hoping they can set this thing right because it was to high and zapping my left rib so my rep lowered it but, she went to low! I can't set my level to high or it hurts and no matter how high I go its not helping the nerve pain. How long should I wait before I really worry or not that this might not work? This is my last chance. I'm two and a half weeks post surgery and don't know if that is enough time to really judge this yet but, I'm worried! I'm just gonna roll with it for now and wait and see.
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  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 05/13/2013 - 3:44 AM
    Sorry to hear it isn't working.
    I did not have real good coverage until my second programing rep. She was better then the first.
    She explained they have a combination of about 44,000,000 combinations they can set.
    Don't give up yet give them time and maybe ask the doctor on the side if another rep might help.
    That is how I found my second rep.
    It may in a worst case situation take a few months to get it right.
    My unit was started at the t11,12 area and then the paddle was moved up to two levels around T9,10
    on surgery day. But I do feel they need to just get you programed right and take care of it that way.
    Make sure the rep takes the time with you to make this work.
    Did your trial go well, I don't remember?

  • pandqmamappandqmama Posts: 169
    edited 05/13/2013 - 12:20 PM
    I too had one Medtronic representative which was so much better than another. I would see a different rep, and see what they can do. My original rep didn't know how to do a few things (allow adaptstim and speed dial thing in two different groups) in which the other representative did. Also, at first I was pretty much getting coverage from paddle down and wanted less legs, more back, the first person wasn't able to do this but when I asked to see a different person, he was able to figure it out.

    What if this is a common problem? What if peoples trials don't work just because they were programmed wrong or worse yet, what if trial worked and just because someone was not as well trained as another, you ended up getting the 'last resort' removed. so scary.

    Also, about week four I really started to feel better. I don't remember how tough of a time you've had recovering, but please don't worry yet. I strongly recomend seeing another representative.
  • I do agree also about waiting longer to give this more time to heal in and let my rep which the one I'm meeting tomorrow which is wed is a different rep maybe able to program my stem a little better. I can't give up on this at all because I've not had much of a life for way too long. My daughter starts college in two weeks and I've been going through this since she was fifteen. It's been very emotional for my whole family so I will not give up so easy! I have also been talking to a lot of people on here and I don't want to scare anyone away from going through with they're stimulator implant because of listening to my non success so far! I wouldn't change a thing that I have done but, I just need this to work right. Thanks to everyone who has been responding and helping me through all of this painful process!
  • TerriPTTerriP Posts: 301
    edited 05/14/2013 - 5:15 AM
    I have been reading this board for almost a year, Everyone states after surgery as they heal (scar tissue- movement-swelling) the settings have to be adjusted. I think the 1st 6 weeks is biggest but up to a year. I think hope it's normal. Ask your Rep.
    good luck. Finally Im going in after some major dental surgery
  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 05/14/2013 - 4:48 PM

    I don't know why I was thinking you were still in the trial.
    What leads did they give you and did they knock you out or do it awake. I could see the non surgical leads done with a local but no way a paddle. They did my paddle and woke me up to test it. Coverage was not good enough they knocked me back out (sort of I could hear them but I could not say anything) it was a odd feeling but no pain. They raised my paddle two levels and it worked great.
    If your still having problems with coverage it could be the rep or its possible the leads moved.
    What are they saying now and have they done any X-rays to check it out?

    Pandqmama I do feel that many trials get a negative result from poor programing.
    I even felt the programing rep for trials should be the best rep to get the best results.
    And the most sales for the company, it seems to me they would look into this.
    The trial is too quick and short. I was lucky that I knew it was going to help in the first
    30 mins because of my rep. My second rep was not has good.
    My good rep took 3.5 hours to get my full coverage working on about my third reprogramming.
    This is why I caution people about the 50% reduction in pain for the insurance company to cover it.
    Also interesting fact is I was using mine 24/7 and now I can reduce the time and still feel pretty well.

    This is a procedure I feel could help so many people but with all the negative information online it worries new people. Just when they tell you the possible side effects scares many off even though its very rare. And yes I am aware it will not help everyone depending on the cause of their pain.
    It is way more safer then a pain pump which should be the last one to try.
    I think the pain pumps have more possible safety issues then the scs does and they seem to be placing
    A lot of pumps now too. I have been considered for a pump and later has I deteriorate more I may have to add one.
    Its just another option to look into

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