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  • Backpainsucks
    I know what the college part does to you also.
    My step daughter was given a scholarship to UC Berkeley. I didn't get to help move her there and I didn't get to visit her at school but I did work it out with my doctors for extra injections and steroids so I did get to go to her graduation just about this time last year. It was worth every bit of the hassles to do it.
    I wish I could have been there more. We did also have a really good day in San Francisco just for fun too.

    You are about to enter the fastest four years of your life. LOL
  • Sorry so long to get back on here but, having a bit of trouble with my stimulator! I had to have one of my reps program the stem different for me because it was hurting my ribs! It no longer hurts to use it but, it's not helping my pain at all. I'm also having to recharge every day. My battery drains at least half way in just half a days use. This is not what I expected at all and if I had it to do all over again I don't think that I would! This has been beyond stressful and depressing and my drs nurse can only think about sending me back to work which I haven't done in three years. I mean don't get me wrong it is my goal to get back to work but, not before I'm ready. I'm so ready to get my life back to normal but, I need to make sure this thing will work first. My dr did do my surgery with a paddle lead and went to my T8T9 area and yes he only did a epideril. They did sedate me a little so I don't remember much. You know if this doesn't work I still don't think I would have it removed because I don't want to go under the knife again unless its completely necessary and as of right now it's not working. Ok I'm done griping, I will be back on soon.
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  • Do not stop griping until your unit is working. Having a good programmer can make or break the whole thing. What unit did you get that has to be recharged so much. That doesn't sound right at all.
    I messed up a cervical trial pulling the leads down a few inches by accident and it set my chest off like a heart attack. If the leads are placed right they should still be able to get your coverage dialed in.
    Removal would not be has bad has the first implant but I know it would be great if it worked so keep getting reprogrammed . My lumbar implant was first programed and got into my rib area, took them about two mins to change that. Ribs and organs are areas we don't want coverage.
    I have three reps to use and one is way better then the other two. Ask the doctor for help with a experienced programmer. Again I do not know what unit you have but my medtronics last for about two weeks with 24 hour a day use before recharge. It also has aprox 44,000,000 combinations of settings the rep has to work with it may take awhile.
    Catch you later
  • I have a Medtronic stimulator for my lower lumbar L4L5 area! Before they changed my stem off my rib it felt a lot like pressure more than a vibration feeling. I think I will have to ask for another rep because it still just doesn't feel right. I'm still in a lot of pain and can't do anything because its just not working. I use it when I get up in the morning and leave it on through out the day until about 5:00 or so and then I have to charge it because it loses about half to three quarters of a charge. I know that's not normal so I don't what's going on. I also can't sleep with it on because no matter what level I put it on it hurts to bad when I'm in bed. I'm hoping they can get it right soon because I don't know how much more I can deal with this thing! I will be back on soon so thanks for listnening!
  • I agree, that charging daily soo doesn't sound right. I have to charge mine once every other week, and that is only because it at .25. I also had to see different medtronic rep before I finally got the results I wanted. Do you have the adapt stim? What number are you running at? How may programs at once? I also know that if I wouldn't have asked to see a different representative, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now with my unit. I have back pain at around the same area, my paddle was placed at the same place. I wish I could help you, I cannot imagine how frustrated you must be. Please let me know, or Rick, hes been through it all, if there is anything we can do.
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  • I've not been on here in a while but, I finally got a rep that could program my stem somewhat right! I was recharging every day and now it's more like once every week and a half when I leave the stem on all day! It's still not working on my pain in my back or foot yet but, I'm gonna give it a chance and see if it does work. It's been five weeks and it just now is working so we will see. The girl rep I had she had the stem set way out of wack this rep said! He said that its the reason why it wasn't working and why I had to recharge every day. So it is feeling better than it did for now but, I'm not gonna get happy yet. I set my stem at 4.2 and that's as high as I can go to feel comfortable while I'm standing but, when I'm laying its like 3.8 that's the way he set my group setting! I'm giving it a chance and we will see so I only hope it helps with my pain even though it doesn't help with my numbness.
  • Backpainsucks
    See what one person can do when they know what there doing.
    It will get better over time yet. Six months it starts working even better with a good rep.
    I am afraid that so many people are getting these now there is not enough well trained reps.

    Good Luck
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