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1 week post op alif and worried

I'm one week post op from alif of my l5-s1 and I'm a little concerned that I might have hurt my recovery. A few times I've gotten out of bed and it felt like my back twisted a little. Is it possible to have a little movement and everything be ok? I'm wearing my brace when I'm up but while I;m in bed I'm having a difficult time keeping my back completely stiff. If anyone has any tips that'd be great since I don't go to the dr next week.


  • i am 9 days out of an alif/plif. i dont have a back brace and twist a bit pretty frequently. i wouldnt be too worried but definitely mention it to ur doc. take care!

    june 2012-microD, l4/l5
    april 2013-fusion, l4/l5
  • I had similar issues (still do about 3 months out), but my X-rays seem to be ok....I would imagine you will probably be fine too. Just try to be careful!
    1/16/2013 Minimally invasive TLIF with rods, screws, and cage on L5/S1 joint to treat grade 2 spondylolysthesis, pars defect, degenerative disc disease. Dealt with chronic pain & nerve issues since at least 2007.
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  • Thanks for the response! I'm very grateful for sites like these it helps to talk to other people going through the same things. I see the Dr next week and now I have the worst leg pain ever!!! I called the Dr and they prescribed Neurontin. Hope it works!!!
  • Try to log roll to get on your side and if you can have something next to the bed to then reach to and use to help pull and push yourself up. I found that the easiest the first few weeks when it was most painful. Now, I can just sit up and get up. Monday will be 15 weeks post-op. take care
  • My ALIF is coming up next Thursday, May 30th. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to focus on not bending, lifting, and twisting so that I could identify things that need to change before surgery. For example, my bottled water usually is left on the floor in the garage but it's going to have to be moved to a waist high location.

    When it comes to twisting, I've found that it's virtually impossible to not twist some, so I'm thinking that a low range must be acceptable. The one example, and forgive my bluntness, would be wiping your butt. Is it just me or is it impossible to do that without some degree of twisting?

    I know I get anal (pun intended) over restrictions given by the doctor, but after 4 shoulder surgeries, I've come to realize that we can get paranoid about re-injuring ourselves. If any bending, lifting, twisting (BLT) would harm us, we would be in a body cast and hospitalized. I have my pre-op appointment with physical therapy on Tuesday and plan to ask them where the danger lines are with BLT.
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  • Allie
    Talked to a friend of mine that's had 2 ALIF's. She said you will for sure
    Need help wiping( didn't think about that either) I found one online for cheep.
    Mine isn't untill July but from what she said, you'll need one.
    99/00 L4/5 & L5/S1 herniation
    2001 L5/S1 microdisectomy age 25
    severe DDD at surgery level
    2011 pars
    2012 RFA L/3/4/5
    7-02-13 L4/5 l5/S1 360 fusion ALIF PLIF
    DX spondylitis , DDD, scoliosis, and slight kyphosis
  • AllieO2000AAllieO2000 Posts: 76
    edited 05/25/2013 - 10:12 AM
    The ones I'm seeing online seem to require some bending, another "no no". I think I'll figure out a way to manage on my own.
  • mrscahillmmrscahill Posts: 43
    edited 05/25/2013 - 11:11 AM
    Try satin sheets to help you get up. And I had rails on toilet and never needed help wiping. Just lean forward a little.
  • I had ALIFL4L5S1 MARCH 13TH and I got the butt wiper and never used it. You do twist a little but my dr said not a problem. I got satin sheets and only used them first week.I like cotton.I had a table next to my bed and I rolled out.The first 2 wks you will need help getting up.Good luck ladies on your surgerys.stay strong you are on the right site.kathy
    Kathy B
  • I had my 6 week check up yesterday and everything is looking good! Hardware is where it should be, which I was really worried about. I still have accidentally bent a couple of times it's something that is so hard to get used to. But otherwise everything is ok I'm a pro at the log roll. The neurontin has done wonders for my nerve pain but my back pain is back with a vengeance. She said that was normal and mostly caused by wearing a back brace causing my muscles to weaken. I've never tried a butt wiper but I did purchase a toilet riser which I don't use because I'm too short my legs won't touch the ground, lol. The most useful tool has been the grabber. I love that thing!!!! Anyways good luck to everyone on their surgeries!
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