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severe chronic neck pain for 10 years

I have suffered for 10 years now. To the point of being unbearable. Head,neck, shoulders. I have been there, done that with too many doctors to name. I now am on Tramadol 50 mg x 3 per day, gabapentin 600mg, up to 4 per day, Tizanidine 2 mg muscle relaxers, every 5 hours. IT IS NOT LIVING!.. I still try to work, it is so hard. I am 63, and so miserable.
Thanks for listening.
With Gentle Hugs,


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  • You didn't tell us your diagnosis, treatments you have tried, tests you have done, etc. None of us enjoy pain or the ups and downs of spine issues. Maybe we could be of more support if you give us more info.
    33yo mom of two. My surgical history...preadolescence scoliosis, kyphosis, and a hot mess.... 5 spine surgeries and lots of items added I wasn't born with (titanium, peek, surgical steel). Guess cremation is out. TSA loves me.
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  • As I was told when signed research and look at posts. Seen spine surgeon last aug when was told I needed to see surgeon ASAP. Did and he apologized and sent me to his Physiatrist. Did physical therapy, tens unit and then shot that only lasted 10 days. L5-S1herniated also had myomelacia at C5 . Wants to do L5 -S1 infusion. I go to neuro surgeon for second opinion and he says 2 more shots before anything but says to you define aptly need neck surgery. Have spinal cord impingement and swelling. I was in shock and awe and couldn't speak. I had brought with me 2 Mri's. he said without surgery I would loose the use of my arms and legs. Okay go back to ortho spine and he stands by his decision for L5. Now getting a 3rd opinion from a different neuro and I am also having consultation with a chiropractor. Right leg pain and have been living with neck pain. I shall continue to educate myself but after reading. I do not want multiply surgeries. I get monthly blood plasma infusions and my immunologists will only let me have surgery in summer months before flu season hits. If I can maybe no surgery at all
  • Completely understand! I too, have suffered the last ten years, and was diagnosed with Fibromylagia, which I later determined was not correct.More years go by with worsening pain, I finally find out from the referral to a Shoulder Orthopedic doctor that my neck was the problem. I recall actually crying from the validation , as I had doctors tell me the pain was in my head. I decide to go conservative with surgery and opt for a single fusion C4/5. Now, two years later ( still experiencing nerve and horrendous muscle spasms,) My Spine Ortho sent me to the Spine Clinic for diagnostic purposes , three injections ( which confirmed the bone spur in C-3, which is 70-80% impinging the spinal cord is causing the problems.
    Now I am looking at a second surgery. What I have learned is the good and bad days, and being a detective to figure out my pain and to identify where it is stemming. The muscle spasms, cause alot of referred pain, bones/ribs get pulled out of place, I rely on deep tissue massage, and also have a massage unit I use at home. Heat/ice helps. Making myself go outdoors, and working on my mental attitude ( although some days I just want to give up)...
    A friend also suggested keeping a pain journal. In part to figure out what brings on bad flares, and what I can do to releie or bring down pain level. I agree the whole degenerative process is exhausting, Yet, I will not just give up or give in.. I keep moving.. I understand though, the quality of life and the depression which comes, especially on the bad days.
    The right medication is also important. Their are entire forums here on meds, and I know everyone has different tolerance , allergies, and responses. I will say I have used Tramadol in the past , and it was not as effective for me , as hydrocodone ( which is all I take) . I am also allergic to muscle relaxers, and mixing my medication with any other sedative makes me very sleepy and more depressed. So the meds, can also affect you mentally and emotionally.
    I just wanted to write and let you know we all here have had similar issues. I have been reading this blog since my diagnosis and first surgery it has been an immense support.
    Keep the faith.
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    Hi Kdennis, welcome to the forum. I've been in chronic pain for 14 years. My head, neck, shoulders back to name a few. It gets old very fast. When I think of the begining I can't beleive I did what I did in such agony. That will to survive and feel better kicks in and wow it's just amazing what we can put up with when we have to. My c-1 and c-2 are my main neck problems. Right now I'm trying NUCCA (a chiropratic technique with no popping or cracking of the neck) in hopes to avoid surgery. With my severity and some other health issues it will take a long time to go through this process I've chosen. I've already seen good results from an injury I had a couple months before I started treatment. Anyway, I'm with you that having your life than not having that same life, having to take meds just to get through an hour of pain plainly just sucks. I'm glad you are here and I will be interested in your future findings. This is a good information spot with many bright, and intelligent people on here who want to help. Cheers to you in finding solutions to your pain.
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    I appreciate the imput but after reading alot of posts everyone seems to have multiple surgeries. I would think that if they fix it then maybe they are putting pressure on the other discs? If I have surgery I only want 1 actually I don't even know if I want one. 59 year old female and the thought of more surgeries after this big one of c3 to c7 if I survive it really scares me to death. Maybe living with the pain is better and taking chances on loosing use of arms and legs. I have 2 appts. this week and I will have to make somekind of decision since my other doctor will only clear me for a June surgery.
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    Yes, I am still here, and still in intense pain. I have had to quit working due to the pain. I will start SS in April, I will be 64. All of you ARE so caring. I have been from Dr to Dr. No diagnosis! I just hear, you will have to live with it. LIVE??? No this is not, it is just existing. My left side is the side that is mostly affected. Just like so many, jaw, neck, back of scull, top of head, even scalp, and shoulders, It is insane. I was getting injections at base of skull, and in head. I was on every kind of pain med. Oxy was best until they changed it, Chiropractic helped for the moment, physical therapy who told me to be very careful. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and HE sent me to pain mgmt. Went to Shands here in Fl. NOTHING! I really wish I could find an answer. My husband does all the housework. I tried to iron the other day and I was down for days!!!
    I take tramadol 50x3 per day, gabapentin 600mg x4 per day. Cymbalta 60mg 1per day, tizanadine every 6 hours, At night for sleep 100mg trazadone 2- 4mg tizanidine. I can not sleep otherwise.
    Sorry to rattle, I try to stay off the computer as it hurts my neck. I bought a soft collar support for my neck, it helps some as well. I am at my wits end.
    Thanks Y'all for listening,
    With Gentle Hugs,
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