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Steroid Injections L4/L5, pain "free"

I never see anything positive on any forum regarding steroid injections in the back, so I'm going to leave a positive post. So, two weeks ago I had 2 injections, L4/L5 under Fluoroscopy, which is the only way you should have this procedure done. I was all worked up by all the negative stuff I read on the different forums. Terrified actually. They did not hurt "at all". I felt nothing other than just a tiny bit of pressure at one point (in my butt cheek, sciatic nerve area). I wouldn't even classify it as uncomfortable. The sciatic nerve pain radiating down my leg is gone but I still have a bit of discomfort with my disc. Doctor said that's normal because the shots are typically very effective for dealing with nerve pain, however they don't work very well for disc pain. So now I am doing some physical therapy to stretch my lower back, hamstrings, etc. I just wanted to give some positive feedback to a gloomy topic.

Yes, I had severe nerve disc pain prior to the injections. From early Nov. 2012 to early March 2013 I could barely walk to the mailbox, and I have a short driveway. Everywhere I walked I was bent over at a 45 degree angle. Standing and walking was very painfull. I had to sleep on my right side with a pillow between my legs and even that was uncomfortable most nights. The only time my back didn't hurt was when I was bent over or sitting in a chair, leaning forward a bit. I waited 4 months to have the injections because of all the negative stuff I read on forums like this one. Knowing what I know now. I would have had the injections right away. Probably would have been even more affective too. I'm not saying that the injections can't be very painful for some people. My brother has had several herniated discs in his back and he had 1 injection a few years back. Said it was the most painful thing he'd ever experienced and he'll never ever ever get another one. Problem with him though is that he waited a long time, years, before trying an injection. He had lesions on some of the nerves and bone on bone situations. So he was an extreme case and his body was hyper sensitive to the pain.

In short, I would recommend trying them. And don't get all freaked out by what you read on the forums. Nobody ever post positive experiences... that's the only reason I am posting.

Hope this helps...


  • My spine specialist name is Dr. Chasnis with OrthoCarolina. His office is in Presbytarian Hospital in Huntersville, NC. I would "highly" recommend Dr. Chasnis. He will be my spine specialist from now on. In fact, my 14 year old daughter just had an MRI of her back, only to find out that she has two bulging discs in her back. She injured it playing high school softball somehow. Was experiencing numbness in her hands and legs. Symptoms were intermitent. One bulging disc is between her shoulder blades and one at the L4/L5 area. She has an appointment with Dr. Chasnis in two days.
  • I am really glad your injections went well for you and you are really feeling the benfits, I went yesterday and bilateral facet joint injections+steroid Xray guided L,4,5,6 it did not hurt I had them before and they work they reduce my pain by about 50% and I get about 4/6 months relief at a time and I am happy with that. My pain doctor did try another set of injections out on me an investigation set of injections with pain relief he called them, they hurt when he was doing them they never stop hurting for the next 3 months. What I am trying to say some things work for some people and every one is different and what might work for one might not work for another . I am really glad that all went so well .
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