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Facet Joint Injections L4 5 6

Well I had bilateral lumer facet joint injection+steroid Xray guided, on Tuesday morning already feeling the benfit I had two good nights sleep and my lower back and leg pain is already cut half, I this done two times before and now each time has went well and if this time gose the same, my pain doctor said its time to move on to the next pain relief were he will burn or shock the nerves in that area and it lasts for about 14months to 2yrs . Has any one had this done before dose it work as well as he say I mean I have trust in him but I like to here from any one eles who had this done. I got a lot of other things wrong with my spine at other levels but just have the lower back pain and leg pain reduced for a while is a great fealing, and the sun is shinning out side i might even go for a nice walk today .


  • I believe this is called a Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation, where they use radio waves to burn the nerves. I know the have been plenty of prior posts on this and you can find them on here. From personal experience I can say they had some success on me in the short term. I was told they could last between 6 and 12 months, and my first did last approx 8 months, however my second round didn't last as long, and ultimately I had to have L4 / S1 fused.

    Good luck with your recovery and whatever you decide longer term
  • Thanks Nick I know long term I will have to have L4/L5 fusion I not sure about S1 but there is a compermise there and a narowing of the spinal cord , but I am trying to delay surgery on my lower spine as I had so much done to my C spine, I had C3 to C7 ACDF and I also got thoracic scolioss. I will look at the other post now you have given me the name because I really be looking like you said for at least a year or more pain relief hopefuly if I was going to have that done Thankyou Nick
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  • I've had that several times and it's the bomb! It's not a cure and my back continued to degenerate, but it gave me months and months where I was able to forget I had a back problem. The treatments worked really well for me for two years. I feel that while I was buying time surgery treatments continued to improve. Just had an ALIF with posterior pedicle screws 3 weeks 3 days ago. The treatments are somewhat uncomfortable, I always had the sedation and it was tolerable. My pain doctor is so nice and caring and really tries hard to not cause more discomfort than necessary.
    Lumbar laminectomy L-4/L-5, 2006
    XLIF with posterior pedicle screws L-4/L-5, 4-23-2013
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    Thanks for both your comemts and shari514, I hope the rest of your recovery goes well. Its 4 days later I say my lower back pain and left leg is about 2 thats great because for the last 6wks it was a 6/7 so I am happy today, I sill have pain in my neck shoulder and thoracic spine but I had 3 surgerys in my neck and pain doc said he wants to deal with the lumber spine as thats were he says most of my pain is commimg from thanks.
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