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Losing hope

I am a 56 year old male whose had 2 microdiscectomies and am now feeling sciatica symptoms again which means reherniation. I've done my best to avoid all of the things that cause it but to no avail. At this point I'm feeling extremely down and depressed about the whole thing. I know I can try the steroids, the pain relievers and the injections but they never seem to completely alleviate the pain.

The doctor has mentioned "bolting" the disks to prevent another herniation.
Has anyone out there shared similar circumstances?
Is there a possibility of a happy ending here?

Just whining.



  • Hi Star Man, Whine away, we all whine at one point or another. I'm glad you found spine health. I have not had surgery so I can't speak from my own experience on that but I've been where you are at in the mental place. Pain is not an easy adventure.
    I don't know what bolting the disk is. I haven't read that on here until I read your post. That's not to say anyone here has not had it done or knows anything about it;. So hang in there. This is a good site with many helpful people. And I'm sure someone will be along shortly who knows more about spine procedures more than I. I'm still new to the spine and it's issues but I did want to welcome you to this site. So Welcome!

  • hello and welcome,
    my guess is a "bolt" together means a fusion. sounds like since you have been there before with herniated discs you know the symptoms. However, it does necessarily mean reherniation. There are so many things that cause sciatica it's hard to tell. Personally I had a double fusion (major regret),then again my discs were gone and the other shredded. I woke up with more/new nerve pain and have serious radiculopathy in my left leg. We are here to listen, vent and/or get advice. Let me just say my major regret about the dbl fusion is all woulda shoulda stuff is all. Pain is very depressing and hard to get motivated because we hurt or don't want to hurt and I think we can all relate with you there. Maybe if you try the treatments you mentioned if it is a herniation it may resolve on its own. I hope it does friend.
    take care
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  • I am a bit younger at 49 and have also had 2 microdiscectomies. My second last year was pretty successful and I am in much better shape than before. I fully expect that I will need more back surgeries in the future.

    The happy ending is surgery technique and technology improving as well as PT and other non-surgical therapies. The pain sucks but it is possible to have good surgery outcomes or exercise around the herniations. Good luck.
  • Kiki48KKiki48 Posts: 194
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    Tree, I am glad. I get that I am not experienced in my experience of surgery. I am terrified to have one. May I ask why you are okay with having more?

  • I am OK with having more surgery because in each case before I had surgery I was in so much pain that I basically couldn't function. I don't pretend that my back will be better forever - I assume it will fail again. My hope is that it doesn't fail for a while, and that surgery techniques and technology continue to improve.

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  • Hi StarMan

    For every bad news story there are lots and lots of good news stories that balance them out. Unfortunately you don't get to read too many of them on here. You see people tend to be on here when they need support getting through tough stuff. Most of the time they move one once they are feeling better. So on answer to your question - yes there are often happy endings!

    While my own experience is not such happy, it turns out that the new receptionist at my physiotherapist's rooms had the same surgery as I had for my first surgery. She even had the same NS do the op and she has had a perfect recovery. She has her life back and she no longer lives on pain pills! Whole I might feel the odd pang of envy when I speak to her, I am really happy to know that sometimes it all works out wonderfully!

    Hang in there - constant pain makes it hard to see the happy endings but you've got to believe that they are out there and that people like us will find our happily ever after eventually. The rough journey along the way will make it seem all the sweeter when we get there!
  • Tree, that's great news that it worked and is working. I hope I didn't come off negative. I was wondering. It's good to hear from your surgery experience! That makes so much sense to me why you are willing to have more!

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