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Old vs New Fentanyl Patchs, HELP!!!!!

I remember seeing all the ads on TV about people dying from the patchs. My doc said they were cutting them in half and the med leaked out faster and they died. I remember seeing a recall also. I have been on them now for about 2 months they are a clear small plastic patch with no Guaze like on a lidoderm patch.

Well with summer now here they have a hard time staying on. I can keep them on with waterproff adhedsive tape ( nothing to absorbe the medication). Well in the Appalachins in MD even that is now difficult. I read on past posts about getting them wet then they don't work. Trying something new tonight on the adheedsion part and I will see.

HELP!!!!! How do you know if your are experiencing just the patch worn out early or withdrawl? I have debilitating sciatica on both sides, my feet began to burn then my calfs becan to hurt like before the patchs. I have been through Vicodin, Percocet, Morphine and a very high dosage of oxcodone ( NOT OXTCOTIN). IN all cases the pain was all over, sweats, chills, shaking, nausea. but not this time, just really bad "normal pain". Once I realized that patch was not attached I put on a new one ( with docs permission) and ina few hours I was sane again.

I am not very versed in these, Do you go through withdrawl with these since they evidently apply the med slowly? One thing is for certain the last 6 hours of that 72 I am going though my max on the breaktrough meds for sure.

Any help would be welcome.

3 herniated disks S1 up and the 3 above that flat as road kill. Med docs say "no reasom for your pain see head doc, head doc says it is nerve pain see Med doc, over 4 years now, but getting close to being able to work at least part time


  • One thing I have found that helps is to wear the patch under clothing, as your clothing takes up most of the sweat. For example I use them for my neck, but wear them, close to my bra line, so my clothing picks up most of the sweat. Also different brands adhere differently. My doctor only wants me using the mylan brand, as he seems to get the best results with it. I also like the poster above, had to go to the 2 day change in place of the normal 3 day change. The 3rd day out the pain just got to bad. There is still some medication left, just not as strong. I do keep the old patch on one more day. So on somedays I have 2 patches on. I also have the break through medications along with a mobic, lyrica and soma. I will say it took sometime to get to this mix of medications to help. So you might have medications that are working, but also need something out of the opiod family to aide those medications, if you don't already.
  • MrGrouchMMrGrouch Posts: 102
    edited 06/30/2013 - 9:41 AM
    It all was very helpfull. the adhesive is coming loose and the adhedisve tape is keeping it in place so I guess that is why it's not working as well. I put them on near the collar bone and due to the other meds I take ( neuropathic pain meds) I have lost so much weight that most of my bones are showing though so maybe it gets in my system faster. When I do change them I can tell the "patch" was not sticking just the tape around it.

    I will ask about puting it on the inside upper leg as the skin is dryer there.

    The brand is Mylan 25 mcg/hr

    Break through med is loratab up to 4/day. generally I only use 1.5 a day. 1/2 when I get up for the charley horses and 1 around 7-9pm after I have stoped moving for an hour or 2 ( As stated I have sciatica- I am fine as long as I am in constant NON-REPETATIVE MOVEMENT, once I stop all hell breaks loose). Also lyrica and amitriptyline for the nerve pain ( worst stuff ever devised!!!!)
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