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Priformis, IT BAND, PFS and Gluteal Tendinitis


Let me start with letting you know that Im happy Im not alone... im glad i can share my situation with you all.
Im going to have a year having problems on my thighs.
I play basketball and ONE day... ONE DAY a year ago I jump to dunk and felt a little pain sensation on my left knee. on the outer part. Ok I stop playin for 3 weeks... I did the whole R.E.S.T. I still having that sensation on my leg. then i move from Dallas to MIAMI so i drove 23 hours. when I got to Miami the first thing I did was hoopin! the next day i have this pain on both legs..... thats was on August. I did not have insurance back then. I had to wait until January first to get insurance on my company. so form August to January 1st i had this pain on my thighs. I could not be sitting for more than 8 minutes because the outer middle and higher part of both thigh were in pain.. YEs i was trying to rest for like 2 weeks en then play basketball but the problems still. when i play basketball it hurts when Im about to jump or when im playing defense.
Ok I went to the Doctor. they said i had IT BAND . i wen to therapy for 12 seasons. they did deep massage, electro massage bla bla bla and NOTHING.... then by MAY 2013 getting worst, pain on my butt cheek, my hamstring, my IT band and then going down the shin and calf... at that point i was very worry.I change my doctor for one of the UM and he diagnose Piriformis syndrome.. he sent me to THERAPY AGAIN. I went to therapy and and the guy told that he will work on my spinal... he twist my back and that night i had back pain.. i went back to my UM doctor and i told him that i really wanna make sure about what was happening with me so i told him that i wanna do an MRI cuz he say something then the guy at the therapy center say something else.. no no I want the MRI. according to the Doctor i was fine and no issue with the nevers. i should be fine with therapy.. went back to therapy..... on therapy i was doing some piriformis stretch, some SQUADs..... after 3 weeks of 3 season per week i did not feel any better. ( i know it might take long time to recover but i was spending money and money. and if at least i feel a little better ok.. but not!
reading and reading i found out that acupuncture can be good to fix this problems.. when i went to the acupuncture center i show them the MRI results and they found THIS>>>> in MY FCAE and the UM FACE
"The MRI say the i have L4-5 Bulging Annulus which abuts the vertral thecal and L5-S1 right central disk herniation."
now up today i had 2 session and im still not feeling good... he told me that this might take 7 session due the disk issues.

i will keep you post.. i hope this post will have a happy ending.

this problems has completely change my life.... bless by God to have a life but concern about my situation. sometimes I read and read other experience and at night I stop praying for me and start praying for others! other that are in worst situation than me!

bless n bless

I will keep you post!

Bless n Bless


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    when to acupuncture and they put the needles with electricity.
    i feel a little bit better but still feeling uncomfortable while i sit down
    Bless n Bless
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  • I have all the above issues plus a few more. For no one to tell you about the herniated disk, I recommend you find a spine & pain doctor/practice. You need someone who understands the spine & hips. I have been to 30-40 doctors over 4 years & just now found someone who I think may have it right. Don't let them blame everything on your back. Start a pain journal. Write down what you can remember in order of pain & then start writing symptoms daily. You will need this info in correct order to get a better chance of getting a correct diagnosis.
  • Thanks a lot for replied to me and give me hope.
    The acupuncture is not working that much.
    Yeap! It spa many things. My thighs, my IT band, my knee and my shins and calves...
    I found out that when I roll a towel and put it in my upper part of the back my thighs does not bother that much. But still bother by the calves on the side part up top.

    I will look for a spin and pain doctor around here in Miami fl.

    Please keep me update it in your progress. Trust me I hope you the best! Cuz if it works for you it might work for me.

    Bless n Bless
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