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Doctor of pharmacy

I have had back pain for the past five years. I have bulging disc from L3-4 through L5-s1. A radial tear involving L4-5 disc and moderate spinal stenosis at L4-5 with severe impingement on lateral recesses left greater than right.I was on Percocet 10 mg 6 times a day and was taking 10 to 15 Tylenol a day also when I first hurt my back then my Dr gave me 20 mg oxycotin to add to my daily this helped a lot I was able to cut most the Tylenol out and the time release was great . I had a couple reinjury which I could hardly stand I got steroid injections and did spinal decompression 60 treatments.I was then put on oxycotin 40mg 3 time a day with 20mg oxycodone 3 times a day for break through.When all this started I was out of work for three months then went back full time 10 hour shifts.Some days my left side hurts bad into leg and the disc feels like the bone is grinding together.My question is I went to fill my script the other day and there was a new pharmacist he told me that I shouldn't take opiates they are bad for me and he does compounding that I have to have a consult with him before my next pm visit and he will talk to my pm Doctor that maybe I should just take muscle relaxers.He says he is a doctor of pharmacology and he will work with my pm Doctor.I have tried other meds in between morphine doesn't target pain makes me tired Cymbalta made me throw up for days etc the Percocet family seems to target pain the best for me and I have been on it for years.I had the dose lowered a while back when the initial hurt subsided some and have not asked for any increases my doctor said my mri is showing back worse but I declined stronger meds will add therapy.Has non opiate compound medicine helped anyone everything works perfect for me now i'm taking 40oxy/ 20mg Percocet 3 times a day but pharmacist want to change and charge me 75 dollars fro consult they have been doing a lot this gives them 750 a day
Nancy Tarr


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    is when a pharmacist feels that there is a risk, a problem, or something does not add up. Pharmacist can check through the available data bases for patient post prescription history.

    You should contact your doctor to discuss this. Their may be a concern regarding the dosage of oxycontin you are taking while still working full time.
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