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Hello, I'm back

Hello Everyone...

Well after feeling really good for 2 1/2 years my symptoms have all returned. In 2010 i had facet injections at levels c4-c5 & C6-c7
and i must say that i have been amazed at the results, literally all of my symptoms disapeared.
I've had no neck pain or radiculopathy in my right arm and my full ROM returned, there was a time when i could'nt turn my head
because it would lock up. Anyway i feel i had good results because the injections were administered in the OR under general anesthesia but i knew it wouldn't last forever :(
Anyway in July of this year i had to move and unfortunately the move did not go as planned even tho i hired movers. I had no choice but to lift some very heavy items namely a television that i had to carry up a flight of stairs. I am so upset over this because i tried so hard to avoid another injury. Anyway i have been in very severe pain daily for 2 months. I was seen by a Neurologist on 8.29.13
and had a 4-way view as well as a MRI on 9.3.
In Sept 2010 i was diagnosed with DJD with foramanal stenosis at c4 -c5 & c6 - c7, i was told by my Neurologist at the time that i have been in need of surgery for aleast 1-2 years prior to that. At the time of my visit with him i was told there was no spinal cord compression, but i feel there may be now because of my symptoms :( My next appointment is on 9.26 for my results and i am hopeful
that i may be able to have another set of injections because i am not at all ready for a fusion but i may not have a choice.

Thanks for listening...


  • Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for responding, i saw my pain management doctor on 9.26 and was told that two levels are bad c4-c5 c5-c6 the same discs that have been causing me problems since 2007. Anyway he is suggesting an injection along with PT, i have been reluctant regarding the physical therapy because it has never given me long term relief in the past but according to my Dr this treatment is a special type of spinal therapy so i'm going to try.
    I haven't read my MRI report as of yet but i have requested a copy of it. My main concern with the surgery is this, my 86 old mother lives with me and could not take care of me should i need surgery in the near future so i don't know what i am going to do :( I am really trying to have a positive ou look regarding the injections/PT but i also know that my discs are not going to heal on their own. I also wanted to ask a question, Has anyone of my fellow spineys ever expierenced disc pain while swallowing or yawning? These symptoms just started happening to me last week.Thanks for listening everyone i really appreciate it!
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