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chronic pain/ nonfusion

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Had ACDF c6-7 surgery in 2010, did OK for awhile, and now seem to be tumbling down a spiral staircase. Summary is the ortho thinks I did not fuse, neurosurgeon disagrees (but he did not seem to review my hx well). All I know is pain is getting worse and I am losing coping skills. Have tried all kinds of treatments w/o success. Tired and despondent.


  • I am very sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with things. I understand feeling fairly hopeless and just so frustrated. Have you tried seeing different doctors? I know it is a grueling process to bounce from doctor to doctor (I had to do the same thing), but you WILL find someone and something that can help you. I don't suffer from the same issue as you so I cannot say that I understand THAT pain and THAT frustration, but I do understand pain and frustration in general. I'm usually up late at night so if you ever need to vent or just chat, I'm here. Good luck with everything! I sincerely hope you get some relief soon.
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  • Thanks for your responses. Today was a better day mentally, but unfortuately not physically. I try to wrap my mind around positve thoughts, to get through the days. Some days it works better than others.
  • this year I have had a MRI, 2 EMGs, one pre and post ESI, and a CT mylogram , and 2 sets of xray, one a complete 12 angle series. I deal with military Drs which have been mostly good, but they don't have a physiatrist. The issue with me is after my ACDF (c6-7)the nerve pain in the left arm went away till Sept 2012 when the same pain started to occur, slowly, but now overwhelmng. They do have concerns about c5-6 bulging on the right, but I don't have the pain & numbness so much on that side, but that seems to be bothering me more
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    The dermatone is wonderful. My pain in the last year, has mimiced the pain I had before my ACDF exactly. I have mild to moderate narrowing at the L foramen that level c6-7, I know that is irritating my nerve. But that is not suppose to happen, according to some MDs. That would be the first time time they misinformed me. When I was 28 I was told I would not get pregnant w/o fertility drugs/intervention. Had one baby (with help) at 29, but out of the blue, was pregnant and had a baby at 43. No way they can convince me they are 'all knowing', lol.
    Anyhow about 2 weeks ago, I was looking up at a spool on a boat lift, when I started having pain in both shoulders, arms went numb, and cramps and tingling in my hands, fingers, Thumbs seem OK though. I still have the cramps in my hands, fingers aren't numb but hurt, and both shoulders, clavicles hurt. Of course my spine in the neck and upper back hurt. I have had several disc bulges c5-6, and c7-t1, and wonder if while looking up I aggravated one of those. now I have had to take more pain meds to get thru the days, and I really don't like feeling tired and out of it all the time. Thanks for talking the time to read this.
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  • I used to have chronic pain in practically all areas of my body. Doctors, chiropractors, everyone was useless. I tried all the usual treatments, therapies, etc. but it wasn't until I started strengthening neglected muscles around these problem areas and fixed my posture that all my chronic pain went away and I felt like a kid again. Still do. There's a book on Amazon called "Eliminating Pain: Your Guide to a Better Lifestyle". It explains everything we need to know about chronic pain and structural problems and how to conquer it.
  • I have been going to PT off and on since 2009 to strenghten muscle. I will look that up at the Library. I just got a couple books about trying to ward off more pain: "Manage Pain before it Manages You", and "End Back and Neck Pain" I enjoy reading but I can tell you this is not my favorite genre.
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