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The more activity the more PAIN???? post lumbar surgery



  • stenosisRosesstenosisRose Posts: 477
    edited 10/04/2013 - 4:07 PM
    Ive been on ice still and feeling a bit better

    My husband knows that i am scared and HE IS HAPPY

    he said with my total hip replacement i was Paranoid and followed teh hip restrictions to a T
    but i am not as careful with the back restrictions
    Why he asks

    My answer -after six months of healing a hip, i just need to move on and be as normal as possible with my back surgery
    I only had two "normal back to life months" before the back surgery
    And i emotionally cant go through a long recovery period again

    I need to be more careful though and try to think that my its going to be okay sooner rather than later
    But not knowing for two years if my damaged nerves (CES) is going to regenerate

    Hip precautions are more specific and easier to follow than the spine restrictions
  • I had my surgery in March and I had leg pain and butt pain for 4 mths.Then the dr sent me to pt and they worked me hard and it worked.I now have no more butt pain or leg pain and im back to work feeling good.It takes time to heal.My dr didn't want me to over due for 4 mths so I rested and used ice everyday which really helped a lot.Stay strong and I wish you a full recovery. Kathy
    Kathy B
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    40 year old mom
    Tlif July 18
  • stenosisRosesstenosisRose Posts: 477
    edited 10/06/2013 - 11:27 AM
    My biggest problem is I AM BORED and tired of being a recovering patient
    This patient has NO PATIENCE.LOL
    so doing anything around the house is better than doing nothing for me.

    I put laundry in the washer, take it out and put in the dryer WITHOUT USING THE REACHER 90 percent of the time.
    Who do I think I am not to be careful and be cautious? I am my worst enemy

    Like someone posted(paraphrasing) why would you want to do something stupid just to undo what the surgery did to repair the problem?

    I was in bed all of soring and summer 2012. With severe back pain, went to the docs in the fall and found out that my hip had collapsed, so instead of having the much NEEDED back surgery, I had a total hip replacement in December.

    Finally stopped being a recovering patient from that probably around June, then started all over again with tests, MRI, CT SCANS , PRE-OP blah blah blah and then spine surgery in AUGUST,in the hospital for 3 WEEKS, not 3 days and finally started feeling better after so many complications,about two weeks ago.


    Not feeling or being that recovering patient patient anymore.
    And now i am suffering the consequences for my STUPIDITY and found FREEDOM.

    I start outpatient PT next week, maybe they can wirk miracles for my butt (SADDLE) pain or i am in trouble again.
    This Cauda Equina Syndrome stinks!

    Thanks again to all of my caring buddies all
    ( to tell you the truth, i didn't think anyone read my posts or followed my plight) but many buddies do!
    if i read my posts, i would think that this person is making this stuff up or is a hypocrondriac.
    But its all true

    This August surgery was my # 14 since age 9

    And it's okay and I will survive this one as well
  • Remember there is a difference between being in pain and being injured. I think Ron described it very well. I still over do it sometimes and I lay in bed kicking myself (metaphorically) because I knew what I was doing was going to hurt later. Unless you've been told otherwise, perhaps a NSAID (motrin) may help with some of your aches and pains?

    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
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  • I was told by my surgeon to try LYRICA
    but i am having kidney and urinary track problems
    Its contraindicated now

    My surgeon told me after spinal surgery, NSAIDS can cause bleeding as everything is trying to heal in the spine
  • Hi Rose! I am 6 days post-op lumbar microdiscectomy, and noticed an increase in pain and soreness after I did one of my little walks up the driveway. There's a delicate balance between not doing enough and doing too much. It's just hard to figure out how to stay in between. :/
    "Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
    ~Christopger Robin
    >:D< >:-D< :hug:
  • 7 days post-op and I started getting a stabbing pain in my butt over the weekend if I was over doing it. It literally felt like someone was sticking me with a knife. It would go away the minute I stopped doing what I was doing at the moment. I also get a crampy feeling in my calf when I have been up on my feet to long. All these pains go away as soon as I lay down and rest for awhile and the next time i get up I'm fine. Until today, I have had a pain in my ankle all night and day. No matter what I do the pain won't go away. I remember that this is the same pain that started 5 days post-op for my first Micro-D. So thinking that this is normal, at least for me, I should be alright. It is more of an annoyance than hinderance. Hope that your pains are getting better.

    Thoughts and Hugs.

    L4-L5 Herniated 02-02-2013 (Slipped on Ice)
    L4-L5 MicroD 08-07-2013, Reherniated 10-21-2013
    L4-L5 MicroD Revision 10-07-2013, Reherniated 10-17-2013
    L4-L5 PLIF/TLIF 10-02-2013
    Released From Surgeon & All Restrictions 03-06-2014
  • I did and thought it was so strange since I needed to be up and walking. Taking a muscle relaxer throughout the day and one perc at night to help me sleep. Mentioned it to PA last Thursday at last visit before work release. Mentioned it and she suggested takinga magnesium supplement (equivalent to eating a banana a day). What a HUGE difference. So much better.
  • Well, walked and sat tooooo long yesterday in the car and on a bench on the boardwalk
    CAPE MAY NJ was gorgeous yesterday, just looking at the sun glistenung on the ocean waves makes one forget evetything.

    Then i said to my husband " uh oh, my butt is killing me"
    Time to get off of the boardwalk bench!...... this cute 90 year old man said " can i help you get up"?
    Ayyyyyy, he was doing so.much better than me and i am 30 years younger than he.

    So he and my husband and a few other elderly people watch me struggle to rise off of the bench.

    It felt like tight muscle butt pain and with some walking, i DID loosen up eventually
    But still paying for the lovely Sunday trip to Cape May today.....

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