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No More Surgery

HI I had my first neck surgery when I was 32, I had C3/C4 C4/C5 fusion due to cauda equine syndrome in 2007 and then 2months latter I had to go back in and have C5/C6 done due to spondylotic cervical myelopathy. My life was never the same but you learn to adapted , the main problem was my mobility and my bladder . I kept on going on with my life like you do my son was only 7 at the time and he needed me. I am going to keep it short as over the years I problems with 3 disc's in the lumber spine and I have thoracic scoliosis. Then in 2012 I had a C6/C7 fusion, but see the problem is now that in the end of July this year my finger on each hand stopped working one by one and bending in my hands and arms became weaker . So I have loads of test done more then ever before, and I got the results back last week. The MIR results match the nerve studies, the degeneration to the cervical spine since 2007 is the problem. I been told there will be no more neck surgery for me and none is needed I have chronic cervical myelopathy, then I was given a new consultant after 6 years a man I trust who has looked after my care, but because I will not be having surgery any more. I been given a new consultant he seams ok he talked to me and told me why he is my consultant now because I will need to be and outpatient and be seen more often now. The Rehabilation centre I got make living with a disability so much better the OT has all ready been out to my house to see if the any thing I need to make my day to day living any better. I have a great support between my GP the Rehabilation centre I be lost with out there help, the are the one's who told me about this site . I found the health videos very interesting and helped me understand a lot more about my disability .Thankyou


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    that you had a solid support group and that in some ways we were able to help you and provide information.

    So, from what I read, no more cervical surgery and that you will be spending time in a rehab center. Is that correct?

    Wishing you the best
  • No more surgery, I have been an outpatient to the rehab centre for 4 year . When ever your condition change's and they need to re-asses you they come out to your home when needed a member of there team .Then they see what support and adaptions ext. Yes information you provide very helpful on this site and I like to read the post, until I joined this site I did not know any one with spine trouble or pain. I also go to rehab centre as you know when SCI long term I had it nearly 7years now they like to see how you are copping on your own. My rehab centre is great I am lucky I am in the UK I don't know if the US is the same.
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