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In tears, severe pain months after car accident

TannisTTannis Posts: 10
edited 12/20/2013 - 11:04 PM in Neck Pain: Cervical

I am tears right now, searching the internet for answers. I'm in so much pain it's terrible. I was rear ended by 2 vehicles 10 months ago, the 2nd hit right after the first and both times my head flung forward, the 2nd hit was massive, lost a few secs when my head hit the steering wheel.

Suffered a rotator cuff injury, severe concussion, head pressure and neck pain - whiplash. I was in PT for 3 months which helped with range of motion in my shoulder and neck but the pain has always been there to some degree.

Every time after PT I was in agony for a few days but the PT said that was normal. An MRI of my shoulder showed fluid and bursitis.

Some days they flare up so badly I cannot stand it, I'm not doing anything differently, the pain just gets worse.I also have tingling/numbness in my left forearm and fingers today.

All today the pain has been terrible, kills me to turn my neck in any direction, pain in my middle back and upwards and tops of my shoulders, I was on Vicodin but that barely helped.

When I go for my daily walk, my back always starts to hurt, don't know why. I'm walking for about 10 mins then here comes the pain, it doesn't always hurt but when I walk it does.

My neck and back feel like they are on fire right now, throbbing, I can hardly move.

My Dr. is sending me for Ten's machine treatments, wants to try that before an MRI.

Had neurological problems, some still lingering and also had vestibular therapy as I was dizzy and was 1/2 falling over when I walked. Sometimes I get dizzy and as strange as this sounds cannot think properly, have head pressure and get very confused then it passes after about a day.

I feel as though there is something wrong with my neck/back, has anyone any advice please??

It is after 2 a.m. and I can't stand this.

Thank you for any help.



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  • HenrySVTHHenrySVT Posts: 4
    edited 12/21/2013 - 4:25 AM
    I am sorry to hear of your situation Tannis!

    I was rear ended 7 months ago and have been suffering ever since. After 6 months of massage therapy, and medication management with Norco 7.5, Percocet 5, Flexeril 10, and Diazepam 2mg, my MD finally ordered an MRI.

    The MRI revealed disc bulging at C3-C4 and C4-C5, Right foraminal stenosis with osteophytes and moderate nerve compression. Some of this is degenerative, and the disc bulges are from the accident.

    I am now starting PT, and will be consulting with a neurosurgeon to explore all my options in February. Its a long slow road, but you will get there. Try icing, and some deep breathing until you can get ahold of your primary. TENS therapy can do wonders! Can they increase your vicodin dose in the mean time until you get settled into therapy?
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  • Hello and thank you both for your replies.

    Something happened at 5 a.m. I suddenly felt "weird" in my head, something was happening, it's so difficult to describe but I felt so sick to my stomach too, I stood up and managed to walk to my husband to tell him something was really wrong and he needed to call for help, he sat me down and everything felt so surreal, severe sickness in my stomach, I 1/2 laid donw on my side and stayed that way not moving for maybe 2 minutes then severe trembling started in both arms and fingers, shaking...for about a minute or so then it subsided, then it was just in my fingers then went.

    Afterwards, I felt scared and knew "something" had happened, anyone familiar with any of this.

    My daughter wants me to go to the ER but don't know what to do.
  • the ER. What is happening to you is not normal. Did they do an MRI after your accident? It truly sounds like you have some nerve impengement and may have other things going on. Your symptoms can all be related to the spine and in my non medical opinion you need to see a nuerosurgeon.
    Please let us know how you are doing, will pray that you get answers. Remember a TENS will only mask some of your symptoms, but you really need to know what is causing those symptoms.
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  • Hello, not been on here for a while but thank you for all your replies.

    I did go to the ER, when signing in my hand suddenly couldn't hold the pen and my brain felt "weird" again, Dr did a CT scan but found nothing, I've heard something's do not show up though, he didn't know what was wrong.

    The pain in my neck and back is terrible, to begin with it hurt when walking but not when sitting but now it hurts to sit and lie down, no relief at all. I went to see my Dr. who still wants to try the TEN's machine first, not happy at all about that, this pain is 24/7 and getting worse if that's even possible.

    davrunner: Thank you for your suggestion of a neurosurgeon, now just got to talk to my insurance about it, I feel I need an MRI, going to see another primary Dr. as there are several at the place I go to and beg for one.

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  • Tannis, I just read your post as Dave said your symptoms are not normal. Please continue to try and get help until you find out what is wrong--see another dr for an MRI referral if need be. If those "weird symptoms" you describe come back I would go right back to the ER, that sounds scarey!! Please continue to post as you can.This is very interesting I, for one, am very curious to know what is causing this to happen to you. I am so sorry you are having to go through all this, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.....Take care, Tannis. I hope you find answers soon!!
  • Im sorry your in pain, I am also going through extremely similar pain. What might be helpful is to look into getting a DMX done. This will tell you if you have tears in your posterior ligament in your spine. I have tears in that ligament and it causes a lot of the same similar problems and SEVERE pain. I hope things are going well for you, it looks like you haven't been in in a while.
  • Hello Tannis

    I am so sorry you are suffering this pain as I know how debilitating it can be. I tripped and hit my head 4 months ago and have been suffering from severe neck pain since. Although it used to stop when I lay down, now it is constant. Physiotherapy didn't help and I've had a CT scan which doesn't show a fracture and X-rays which show a subluxation at C3/C4 vertebrae and 'lordosis' of the cervical spine. I am waiting to have a STIR sequence MRI and a follow-up appointment with a Neurosurgeon to see if there is any damage to the ligaments in my neck to account for this semi-dislocation of my vertebrae. Like you, I've had some very weird symptoms, including arms and legs going numb, a warm feeling and jerking movements in my neck at night. I'm trying to get a diagnosis of my injury so that I can get the right treatment. Hopefully, somebody will tell me that this doesn't have to mean an operation but, if it cures the pain, I'll do anything. Let's hope we all find a way through by sharing information and supporting each other.
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