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My L5 - S1 Micro D's



  • StoryoftheGhostSStoryoftheGhost Posts: 23
    edited 01/14/2014 - 3:00 PM
    The mornings have gotten so bad, its become extremely difficult to get out of bed. My entire torso is sore as can be. Maybe the weather has something to do with it, I'm really not sure. Even though I know that getting out of bed will help, sometimes I just can't do it right away.

    Included in the morning soreness...I now have lower RIGHT side pain in my back...which is opposite of my original pain that started this all. It worries me.

    The roller-coaster continues. A few days I think I'm cruising forward on the right track, and then BLAM, im back to feeling like bird doo. The ups and downs are killing me.

    Dr prescribed some valium to help with all the anxiety that has tagged along for the ride. I'm on too many damn meds now, I feel like an old man.

    And I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself..I'm more scared than anything., and don't have the experience to know how to deal with it.
    L5-S1 Herniation. 1st MIrcrodiscectomy 11/9/13. 2nd Microdiscectomy 12/19/13
  • StoryoftheGhostSStoryoftheGhost Posts: 23
    edited 01/21/2014 - 3:15 PM
    One month Post Op on my 2nd Micro D.

    I still feel like i went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson every morning, and all he did was throw shots to my lower body. My Dr. says that it's the Norco causing that...But I'm having a hard time believing. He wants me to ween off which I'm going to try. Making a switch to Tramadol, which I have tried before with no success, but he wants me off the narcotics. However, the Norco is the only thing that seems to at least dull the nerve pain out to a bare-able level.

    I still cannot sleep at night either. Even after 2 micro Ds, i have nerve pain radiating from my tuchas to my heel. One month post op on my 2nd, I would have thought the nerve pain would have been gone by now. At least subsided.

    I'm thinking about going for yet another opinion with a new DR. Maybe I should see a neurologist instead of another Orthopedic..Anyone have any thoughts on this???

    Scared and losing hope that I will ever return to what used to be my life.

    Diclofinac for inflamation, Lyrica for the nerves, Norco and Tramadol for overall pain, Valium for my anxiety and muscle 36 for gods sake, and have too many medince bottles.

    Is anyone going through or gone through anything similar to what I've described? help, please.
    L5-S1 Herniation. 1st MIrcrodiscectomy 11/9/13. 2nd Microdiscectomy 12/19/13
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  • I take gabapentin for my nerve pain. Maybe you need to discuss changing your nerve meds. Just a thought. The gabapentin does make me tired sometimes though.
    Herniation of l5 S1 l4 , DDD , microdisectomy in June 2013 and re herniation in September
    Cervical herniation at C5-7 Jan 2014 with impingement of spinal cord. 2 level cervical fusion Feb. 2014 and 2 level lumbar fusion in April 2014
  • DR changed me to Tramadol yesteroday, weening off the norco at the same time. Keeping with the Dicoflinac for inflamation, and lyrica for the nerves

    I tried the gaba before lyrica, and didnt have good success with it.

    We'll see how this goes.

    Took some valium last night before bedtime and finally had a full nights sleep.

    UGH so many pills.
    L5-S1 Herniation. 1st MIrcrodiscectomy 11/9/13. 2nd Microdiscectomy 12/19/13
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