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I had an operation 6 months ago, and my hips are very uneven my left hip is just straight/flat but I think my left side is the normal side cause my right side is the one with the hump and it's very curvy only cause of the hump , left leg is shorter than the other one aswell which gives me an awkward walk, I was l reading forums online and people were saying there hips were like my but evened out after 6 months post op, but I am six months post op and honestly I'm getting much worse, straight after my operation I was 5'8(I grew a lot) and had even hips I was really slim and tall, now I look like I was before surgery, I'm stumpy and I'm just about 5'7 so I've gotten smaller and my hips are gone back to the way they were!!!! What the heck is going on and how can I cute it?? If redo surgery if I had to!!!!it looks like I had no surgery atal!!! And also I get this strong burning sensation and string in my left shoulder sometimes what is it?


  • Hey I just had scoliois surgery of a level 4 fusion I my lumbar. My hips are uneven and my one leg is longer than the other too but my doctor said that's totally un relatable to my scoliois. I was 5'7 and I grew to 5'8 after surgery. The one thing I can think of for your shoulder pain is after they fuse you, the brunt of all your shock absorbent goes to the next levels. Below and above. So whatever wasn't fused could be herniating or taking a beating. Mention all this to your doctor. I'm still in a lot of pain 6 months post op and I have to get a CT to Make sure my fusion healed. Or if the only levels above or below are causing me problems. I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question but I kind of was unclear at what u meant. As far as your hips go, I don't know if surgery would straighten your hips. It could be something totally different.
    28 F. Chicago. Fusion from t-12 l-4 from scoli in June 2013. Torn bilateral hip labrums. Arthroscopy to fix labrums January 2013 and march 2013. SI pain from hip surgery Lupus, RA, antiphosphidlipid antibody- hypermobility syndrome ( Marfan syndrome)
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