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Silly Question- Vacuuming

Can anyone tell me when you were allowed to vacuum? It is starting to drive me nuts that I cant do certain things. Maybe I am just getting impatient. I dont want to hurt myself. I had L4/5 L5/S1 fusion on November 26th. Doing great, do have lower back pain since I went back to work part time this week. Really feeling miserable today!! Guess these ups and downs are normal.



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    you are using and just how much vacuuming you intend to do. the key here is to start with baby steps, see how you fare with that and then take it up a notch, wait to see how that feels, and so on.

    but when there is any doubt, please call your doctor.

    one of you last statements are ones that i believe 100% of people with spinal problems can relate to and understand.
    over the years here, i have a couple of phrases that i use so often. the roller coaster ride and the beast

    the roller coast ride describes how we may have a good day, and then followed by a bad day, but never really know what we did to achieve those results. the other part is the beast. this is something i coined back in 2007. living in chronic pain for so long, i needed to identify the what why and who. the beast is what i came away with.

    take a look at: roller coaster ride

    another thread you might find interesting is a day in a life

    all of the above in much more can be found by visiting our faq
  • Danigirl123DDanigirl123 Posts: 58
    edited 01/23/2014 - 4:57 PM
    From what my doctor said-I had no restrictions after surgery. He said everything is pretty secure in there with rods and the screws so therefore he said do what your body feels. I guess it all depends on what restrictions if any your doctor gave you. Also, what your body can handle. I was vacuuming 2 weeks after multi level spine fusion..
    Hope you feel better soon!!
    28 F. Chicago. Fusion from t-12 l-4 from scoli in June 2013. Torn bilateral hip labrums. Arthroscopy to fix labrums January 2013 and march 2013. SI pain from hip surgery Lupus, RA, antiphosphidlipid antibody- hypermobility syndrome ( Marfan syndrome)
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