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Maybe somebody had similar condition and can share and please help :)

Even though I joined long time ago and found this to be the best place to find helpful information and invisible company by people in similar situation, is not until now when I feel that SOMEBODY will be able to offer advice and help me to find something else to help my situation. So, Thank you in advance for reading and willing to help my invisible friends.
I have been in bed practically for the last three years, I got diagnosed with a herniated disc l5/s1 and bulge l4/l5, but on the right side meaning that it should compress the right leg, my symptoms were always both legs equal, sciatica on both, compression on both up to the toes, etc,... and lots of cramps on the pelvic area. I saw ten (10) doctor in NJ and they said the hernia was not too big to operate, I had two epidurals and made me worst, I was treated with acupuncture and was the only thing that helped without pills but too expensive since I have my own business and pay my own individual plan and my plan did not accepted acupuncture, so I could not continue, when I started physical therapy I fell in bed again worst and finally found after a year a doctor who said the hernia could be removed but he was too senior to do it, i found another doctor very far two hours away who decided to operate the hernia and also found the reason for the left leg to be the sacrum and last vertebra too close so that would explain why I could not sit for longed than minutes and experience the pelvic cramps sacrum pain cocci pain, etc,...
When he open my back he took a picture of the nerve because it was black and said he should have done a fussion, but we needed to wait 6 months, after six months he said he was hesitant because I could be worst and I said worst than be in bed taking 3 percocet a day and not having a life, he said yes, I could be with even more pain, that I was asking him to cure cancer that he couldn't do anything for me, he didn t do any more follow up, only fill prescriptions from nov,dec,jan, but now his nurse who is the only person I can call, is not getting back to me after 4messages and I have no more pain medication since monday, I had to go to ER yesterday in enormous pain and trying to find a doctor.
To add to my situation, I had my insurance individual but the out of pocket was so much that I had to pay for my MRIs medications, etc,... now I have help from obamacare but initially with only medicaid and until march 1st with the united card, no doctors take medicaid so can't even find a primary care that I can see.
Maybe somebody knows what I have as this doctor never call it by a name, my symptoms are lower back pain, compression pain, numbness in the groin, pelvic cramps badly the worst, sciatic pain, burning, extra sensitivity on skin of legs, I walk on cain in mornings no longer than 20 min sitting to rest as the day progresses I get worst, I get setbacks, pain in both hips, when sitting have to go on side can't tolerate pain and sitting is what can cause worst setbacks after the removal of the hernia.
Best position in bed with the legs on pillows about 30 degrees.

Another question, my doctor who operated on me totally abandoned me, said he was hesitant to do the fusion, but if I wanted he would do it (???) also when I started crying he left and there was no follow up, no sending me to another doctor or pain mgmt doctor or anything. only wrote a few prescriptions for a few months , the first month I was in shock because I was getting ready for a fusion but after that horrible outcome I left and had no idea what to do and so I decided to try to work and make money and try to wait until the obamacare is set so I can find a good doctor and find my options.

But now I see there are no many options or no options on doctors not even primary care doctors and that send me to my last question any good spine surgeon that accept medicaid in north easter nj or around?
Thank you for anything you like to share,


  • LeeLeeMccDeeLLeeLeeMccDee Boston MAPosts: 169
    It sounds to me that after getting so many opinions from so many specialists saying they do not recommend surgery, you should accept their professional opionios and not seek medical assistance at this point. Being idle is the worse possible thing you can do. Take baby steps everyday until you build up a tolerance. And you will get stronger but you have to stick with it. It sounds like you want surgery without trying enough PT. So many people believe surgery is the cure-all when most of the time, unless life threatening, time and exercise are your best options. Yes it will be extremely difficult but give yourself a challenge. At the very least seek therapy for depression. Depression makes pain so much worse. Any who knows, it may give you options you never thought of before. Keep strong, start a program even if it's only starts with 5 minutes a day....But Start!!
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