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I have been following spine health since my first surgery in 09' and truly has helped me cope especially after me second surgery last year. My first surgery was a c6/7 total disc arthroplasty after a massive disc hernia tigon that was misdiagnosed as muscle pain. At that time I had lost approx 50% of my tricep muscle and had significant hollowing in my pectoral muscle and bicep. The recovery was hard needless to say and having a young child it was hard and what an emotional roller coaster. Fast forward to 2013 I had a l5-s1 discectomy. That one I recovered relatively quickly but then I am extremely stubborn to the point of fault. I have started playing soccer again which makes me happy because to be perfectly honest I am tired of being a patient. However I am still in pain and my doc has uncovered evidence that I may have another issue with my t3/4. The thing is at my age 31 it is very uncommon to have both surgeries, and no one one seems to give me an answer to why this is happening. It is extremely frustrating to say the least, and unfortunately I know that I am in pain and I should stop, but it is very hard for me to say that. Over the last five years my ability to deal with stressors is extremely deminished and well I have a very short fuse which can and has gotten me into trouble. I am wonder if any of you could give me some advice on how not to be in pain and if anyone else has had these reactions? Thank you in advance.


  • Oh wow, am I in the same boat. I'm 28 years old with a 3 year old. Withing 6 months I had 2 hip surgeries and a spine fusion. Fast forward to now and I'm still on tremendous pain with my back ( not fused at 8 months and screw in my L1 nerve) and also my torn labrums in my hips re tore again. Having to take care of my child and very other stressor that life throws in my face has made me a short circuit with my pain. It has turned me into a depressed person. I've been on VIIBYRD the anti depressant for months now because my anger was and sort of still is outta control. I get pissed very easily over small things. Like if my son doesn't get in his car seat and I have to put him in there my pain level is outta this world and I yell at him. It's not his fault and I feel terrible. It's hard dealing with pain and being a "happy" person beleive me. People who aren't in pain don't get it. So, really and truly the only thing that keeps me going is thinking... It could always be worse. I could be in a wheelchair or dying. That's the only thought process that helps me.
    U aren't alone. stay tough. Keep active like you do.. Just don't over do it. It's hard to stay active for me.. But if I don't keep moving I'm literally stuck in one position. We will never understand why life throws us these curve balls.. But all in all if you stay strong for yourself and for your family you will overcome things
    Good luck!
    Best wishes.
    28 F. Chicago. Fusion from t-12 l-4 from scoli in June 2013. Torn bilateral hip labrums. Arthroscopy to fix labrums January 2013 and march 2013. SI pain from hip surgery Lupus, RA, antiphosphidlipid antibody- hypermobility syndrome ( Marfan syndrome)
  • Thank you! I find it is very hard some days especially when you have not had any trauma to indicate the reasons why this is happening. It is interesting about your hips because mine hurt ALL the time and now my knees are starting to act up. I have always been active my whole life and I find that now when I am sedentary it feels good in the short term but then I end up feeling worse both physically and emotionally. In the last 5 years I have about 6mo of feeling like myself if you will and to tell you the truth I cannot remember what it is like to be pain free and I know when I start to I wonder when the next shoe is going to drop so to speak. I just don't know what my next step is and how to prevent further injuries. My neck blew when I was washing my hair, and three weeks later I had no feeling in my forearm down and no dexterity in my fingers. Occasionally now I loose the feeling in my pointer finger and it makes it hard to write but hey adapt and overcome. The most odd thing though about my cervical surgery is that my voice is quite a bit lower and it find that when the weather changes not all the time most of the time sometimes it is hard for me to swallow but the strange thing is that it is usually liquids that I have the most issues with. It just seems strange to me that it started so much later after my surgery, I have had another MRI of my neck about 6 mo ago just to see what is going on there but big surprise they didn't find anything because of the reflection of the metal. Just another day, I guess the reason I am asking is that I had my surgery in the states and now I am back home and this replacement surgery just came to Canada so not too much is known about the side effects of the prestige XD titanium cervical replacement. Frustrated!
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609
    in reality it is the aging of our spines. you can almost look at this the same way that your hair will turn gray at some point.
    almost every case of ddd can be managed through approved exercise programs and over the counter ndsaids. only the most severe ddd cases may require surgery.
    by the time people are in the mid-20's they will show signs of some ddd. this can come on earlier or more advanced due to trauma, surgery , or genetic conditions.

    please read understanding degenerative disc disease
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