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Introducing Myself & History

lorrainewallacellorrainewallace Posts: 1
edited 02/23/2014 - 1:35 PM in New Member Introductions
my name is m. lorraine, but my friends call me lori. i am so glad i found this forum, and have read a few postings that relate directly to the torment i have been dealing with for decades, but which came to a head about a month ago. here's a bit of background on myself.

i am 44 in a couple more weeks, and just had my first back surgery just over a week ago, removing a disk that was in pieces in my lumbar region. i have been living with neck and back pain since the early 1990's when i was involved in 3 car accidents within 4 months (i was a driver in 2, passenger in 1). the final accident was the worst (i was sitting behind a car waiting to cross over median traffic and another car hit me from behind and knocked me into the front car), and landed me in the hospital for a little bit, and physical therapy for a couple months with very little permanent improvement.

learning to live with pain became a daily occurrence, but about 1 month ago i was rising up from a sitting position and felt a "pop" in my vaginal region on my right leg where it connects to the pelvis. before i could even put my foot down, the most severe pain i almost have ever experienced radiated down my right leg. i did not fall, but every step was like a knife in my pelvis. i thought i may have pulled a hamstring or possibly a groin muscle, but nothing i did made it better.

finally after 3 days of torture, i went to the er, and they did an x-ray and ct scan and told me that i had a trapped nerve in the ball and socket joint of that right hip (telling me no broken bones at least) and loaded me up on morphine (which barely took 50% of the pain away) and sent me home with a referral to a neurologist in may! i knew i could not stand the pain that long (they only gave me a 5 day supply of norco!)

the next morning when i was trying to get up out of bed, my left leg was completely numb. i smacked it, scratched it, beat on it and anything else i could think of doing to "wake it up", and after almost 20 minutes i finally got some feeling in it.

completely freaked out, my husband took me to the nearest hospital, and gave them the discharge paperwork from my primary care hospital, and they immediately took me back and did an mri with contrast.

when the doctor came back and started telling me about what was causing my pain and numbness, he told me i was days away from emergency surgery, and at risk of paralysis. i had never heard of most of the things he told me, so i am definitely hoping this group can help! the following information was taken verbatim from the radiologist's report:

i did see a post about the missing "facet" joints, which i understand is quite rare, and the doctor did tell me i was born that way more than likely. i would like to hear from people who have this same issue and what treatments they have had.

coronal scout view reveals a minor scoliotic curvature convex left. straightening of normal lumbar lordotic curvature.

congenital anomaly of s1. absence of the left s1 pedicle. anomalous facets on the left at l5-s1 with widening of the left l5-s1 foramen due to the congenitally absent left s1 pedicle and anomalous left facets. the inferior facet of l5 articulates with an
anomalous left sacral facet of s2. degenerative hypertrophic changes of the facet joints greater on the right. mild bilateral degenerative changes of the sacroiliac joints. mild narrowing of the right lateral recess.

l4-5 degenerative disc disease, disc desiccation with spondylosis and disc bulging and midline disc protrusion. bilateral degenerative hypertrophic changes of the facet joints.

l3-4 degenerative disc disease, disc desiccation. right sided herniated disc with slight inferior extension extending into the right lateral recess resulting in severe right lateral recess stenosis and stenosis of the right side of the spinal canal.
severe compression of the right l4 nerve root and other nerve roots within the right lateral recess.

l2-3 degenerative disc disease, disc desiccation. right paracentral herniated disc with slight superior extension with mild narrowing of the right lateral recess and right side of the spinal canal.

thank god the doctor did remove the herniated disk that was severely compressing the nerves, i now at least do not have as much pain in that right leg!

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marvina wallace
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