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Chronic back pain/surgery

dech1213ddech1213 Posts: 5
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Hi my name is Debbie. I live in Melbourne Fl. I ran across this site and started reading some of your blogs.
To begin with, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have waited 2 years for back surgery, will finally get after going through much turmoil. After 5 doctors, epidermals, meds, now Morphine, depression, giving up work after 32 years and my husband getting prostate cancer, almost did me in. The cost of trying to "fix" the problem is expensive. And just when I thought it couldn't get worse, we lost our home after 25 years. I swear the pain only worsened with stress. Thankfully I was Abel to get on disability and I found a top Dr. Who was the first in the US to do stem cell operations, that's what I'll be getting. xxat yyy. has patients all over the world. I don't care if I have to pay $25.00 a month the rest of my life, it's better than looking down the road, in a wheel chair. The take bone marrow from the hip bone and fuse it into the spine between the disk, this is better because it's from your body. The bones take longer than the cadaver bones they use with less infection or rejection. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared but after everything we've been through, I have to try. The depression, insomnia, bowl problems, has to be better than this. It's like you have no control of your life. I can't drive so now I've had my freedom taken away. I swear I'm being tested and I'm sure there's others worse than I, but your not alone. There r so many suffering from back problems and they have to make a living, but if you've worked hard most of your life then at least try to get some disability if you can, you worked and paid for it that's why it's there. It could help take the stress off and stress leads to more problems especially pain. I do have compassion for all of you suffering as you r, but maybe if we help each other it will make it easier to bare. Please write back, Debbie

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Debbie Christian


  • ADRJenAADRJen Posts: 208
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    are you going to edit melbourne? if so, that's where my doctor is too. i believe you're getting the same procedure as me which is bmp mixed with stem cells. feel free to pm me with questions.

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    Artificial disc at L5S1 for 10 years. Had 3 Level lumbar fusion and Laminectomy on Sept 27, 2013. It was an OLIF (Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion) with cages, BMP, rods & screws. Norco, Plaquenil
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  • I am 52 yrs old, a granmum to 2, wife, mother, mother IL, sister, etc I also have many spinal issues, suffer from several diseases/syndromes that all go hand in hand to the spine. Bulging discs, neuropathy, chronic pain, auto-immune, my list makes doctors want to run. Then my list of surgeries 17, multiple and various treatments, rx to spinal stim implant, burning nerves, etc I have been at this for many yrs progressively getting worse every yr, I worked at a job for 20+ yrs and was at the point of being able to have a retirement program until I became totally disabled in 2001, I had no other choice but to apply to SS for disability and 1 didn't have to go to court nor trial, applied and was so documented in 6 months I received my first check, what a shock! Not enough to live on yet better than not having anything at seems like it is so unfair at times but I CAN tell you what it feels like to have your heart stop twice, so as crazy as my life is, it is mine, precious with all I can cram into it good and bad. I came across this site while researching the spinal stems, and I hope this introduction fits...I can go more indepth later about which exact disc are bulging, which herniated, radiculopathy, neuropathy in both hands and feet/legs....typing is a task itself! so I hope I can gain insight and information, perhaps someone can glean a bit of knowledge from my trials and triumphs, possibly a pat on the back to "hang in there", we all are special each and every and with our broken bodies we are even more special to each other....maybe that's just my opinion but how can anyone really understand unless they have walked that painful bit of a mile in our shoes.......heres to friends!
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