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I found this site and would like to introduce myself. I am post acdf since 12/3/13 and am in therapy and still have pain and occasional headaches. I had a 2 level with 3 screws and titanium plate. The pain has improved with time, still have hand weakness which I was told is c6-7 and I am hoping this will come around. I have a great therapy team and they are associated with purdue, the colts, brewers, pacers, and notredame in Indiana. My next apt will be in a week and I will have x-ray to see how healing is going. I am a Nurse and had a fall with rotator cuff injury and surgery and spine injury and surgery also, I am worried about return to work and function with my hand and arm as a nurse. I had a severe tear to the rotator cuff so I have leftover issues from that and post neck surgery wondering if I can go back as a nurse with the physical nature of the job. Rehab has been challenging but I will give it my best shot and reach for the highest level I can get too. Good luck to all.
carol newman


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,099
    welcome to spine-health and how to get started here

    the above message and links will provide you with almost all the information and tools you need to get started here.
    they can be also used as a good reference point. it is important that you read the forum rules and faq

    acdf, i am quite familiar with them. i had them in 1996 and 2000, titanium plates and screws. the second time in 2000, they needed to go into again as surgery to make some adjustments. so i am c4/c5/c6/c7 secured!

    those were the best spinal surgeries i could ever think of. i had my lumbar surgeries from 1978 utnil about 1988 and i still have problems with some lower l4/l5 problems as well as some new :l2/l3.

    rehab at physical therapy is so very important in the total recovery picture. shoulder related problems can really impact overall cervical conditions. i had both of my shoulders totally replaced with titanium ball and implants. part of that surgery is cutting through the rotator cuff as well as other muscles. that recovery was very difficult and pt was hard. but that was back in 2010 and i am now doing good.

    assuming you follow everything that your therapists have told you, following all the restrictions and limitations that your surgeon told you about, there should be no reason you should not be able to return to your work as a nurse.

    but you always have to remember, that you had spinal surgery. when you forget about that, trouble can easily follow.

    here are some great links from spine-health regarding acdf

    acdf - anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.
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